Letters: Motives behind Election Act changes questioned

There is nothing fair about the fair election act.

Reading our MP Mark Strahl’s letter to The Progress, I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair. Does he think we are a bunch of morons who have been living in a cave and that we can’t see through this act, as a payback against Elections Canada, for taking the Conservative to task for their illegal tactics during the last election?

Reading Mark Strahl’s letter, I’m sure was written for him by his party, since Harper likes to muzzle the MPs, scientists and veterans. I have more faith in Sheila Fraser, the former auditor general, who said that “this act would infringe on the independence of Elections Canada,” than our MP Mark Strahl the Conservative puppet for Chilliwack Fraser Canyon.

MP Poilievre’s behaviour is heaping shame on the Fair Election Act and the Conservative puppets are going along for the ride like a bunch of sheep. Are the Conservatives so scared to lose the next election that they need to change the election rules to favor themselves? I guess it’s true that power corrupts; it’s time for a change.

Louis Raboin

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