New West's Living Wage Policy hurts taxpayers, benefits CUPE

Re: Inequality hurts everyone (Letters, NewsLeader, March 26)

The author of this letter fails to understand the true meaning of the Living Wage Policy imposed on the taxpayers of New Westminster.

This is not about fair wages, this is about taxpayers picking up the tab for assuring anyone working on dity property is paid a subsidized wage, normally paid by private contractors.

Mr. Zander’s comments make me believe socialism or borderline communism is his political choice for Canada.

And yet only New West has fallen for the CUPE-initiated scheme.

Mr. Zander feels Ottawa should subsidize five million Canadians who struggle with hardships, and money is not the problem? Money is the problem! More than five million people who work for a living, or are on pensions, should not be expected to subsidize those unwilling to support themselves. Welfare is already in place for those with true needs.

Mr. Zander says the problem is a lack of political will, while he once again pats the backs of our CUPE-supported city council for indebting taxpayers of New Westminster.

Mr. Zander, only the CUPE union benefits from the Living Wage Policy.

Union or LWP jobs now fill most labour positions within the city. Free enterprise cannot compete in a closed market subsidized by taxpayers. CUPE wins this one. It’s no wonder their contributions are so high come election time.

In closing Mr. Zander, your comparison using data from OECD, OXFAM and other sources may apply in a world situation.

But to use those comparisons in little old New West doesn’t make sense. We pay council to look after local taxpayers, not change the world. You claim they have moral compass? Maybe so, but they have clearly shown that their moral compass is backed by taxpayer dollars. Tax dollars that many cannot afford, while other infrastructure (like roads and sidewalks) continue to deteriorate.

The complications of this policy are becoming more and more obvious to this council as they exempt it (to their benefit) in some areas in order to provide a service.

Come November: Get rid of it, or get rid of them!

John Ashdown

New Westminster

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