Dear Christy: Let's keep this our little secret

Dear Premier Christy Clark,

My impression is that you are a caring and sincere person; that you really do want the best for your child and the children of B.C.

For this reason, Christy, I’m sending you an idea. It comes in three parts.

First, you/we should leave the natural gas in the ground. While you were in Ottawa today, trying to get backing for development of LNG the International Panel on Climate Change issued its most recent report. LNG is just another fossil fuel, Christy, and cleaner than others it may be, but it’s still carbon from underground where it should stay. I know those around you will wring their hands and cry, “But Christy, what of the jobs? How will B.C. be competitive without energy?”

The second part is geothermal energy. Christy, we live on the “ring of fire.” The province is dotted with hot springs but we haven’t a single geothermal electric generating plant. Here’s where to give the subsidies, the tax benefits—indeed, every incentive you can.

The third part is how to reply to the lickspittles when they wail, “But Christy, we can’t export geothermal energy!"

Given that their chief concern is profit for themselves and their multinational masters, this will be devastating to your sycophants. Well, electricity can be exported using direct current and that technology is coming on fast.

But largely, they will be correct, we will have to use the geothermal energy here to heat and cool our homes, to charge our electric cars and run our public transit. The only way to export the surplus energy (there will be a great deal) will be to use it to power industries and agriculture.

That’s correct, Christy, we’ll have to export finished products and not raw energy or materials.

The upshot of that is lots and lots of jobs.

So there’s my idea and now it’s yours.

You don’t have to tell anyone you got it from a member of the BC Green Party.  It will be our little secret.

Wishing you all the best,

David W.G. Macdonald


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