'Remote and cruel government back east' making medicine harder to get

Dear editor,

Seriously, Mayor Jangula?

Grow-ops have been "nothing but an unmitigated disaster" due to smell?

I have a problem with the smell of mown grass every weekend, not to mention the infernal noise, should we ban lawns?

How about the smell, noise, and pollution from the vehicles that clog our streets, perhaps we should ban those as well. Skunk cabbage is coming up all over the valley and it smells "skunky." Let's eradicate it.

You may have been a cop once, but you are now the mayor, so instead of making unfounded accusations about medicinal gardens, you should talk to some growers, most of whom grow 10 to 25 plants not the 200 you used to inflate the figures.

You might want to talk to some people who use cannabis medicinally to better understand how vital it is for their health and well-being.

If it wasn't for prohibition, there wouldn't be a problem, cannabis would be grown outside, on farms, in greenhouses, and in our backyards. Indeed, it would be growing wild everywhere, like the hardy weed that it is. I await that day with great anticipation.

How absurd that we can't legally grow these plants without a dispensation from a remote and cruel government back east.

There's much more to learn about this ancient plant that co-evolved with humans, so much so that plant cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG, CBC etc) mimic our endogenous cannabinoids (look it up) and attach to the same receptors found throughout our bodies, which is why cannabis works for so many different ailments.

The North Island Compassion Club has been providing cannabis marijuana to sick people in the Valley for over 12 years. They come to us because they can't get doctors to help them get legal marijuana through the Health Canada system.

Many of our members are able to wean themselves off debilitating pharmaceutical drugs with the help of cannabis (that's one of the main reasons cannabis is illegal, huge loss of market share).

There's a lot of useful information on the 'Net and if you want to talk seriously about helping people in this community who need this medicine, let's have a coffee.

Ernie Yacub,



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