Humans not superior to deer

Re: Deal with deer (letters Feb. 26).

The letter-writer says:  “A big reason we can’t coexist is because wildlife refuse to follow human rules.”

This is the most arrogant, selfish and short-sighted comment I have ever read about the deer and their interaction with humans.

Why should wildlife follow human rules? What makes the letter-writer think that humans are so superior and separate and above nature that all other animals should follow the irresponsible behaviour and lifestyle which humans are trying to impose on everything else on Earth?

In fact, the very reason our planet is rapidly falling apart is the destructive, constant action of members of the Homo sapiens species against all natural laws.

The deer wouldn’t be coming to town more and more if humans had not destroyed their habitat in the first place.

It is the responsibility of humans, therefore, to remedy the problem (if there is any at all) but not through yet another destructive action like slaughtering bucks, does and fawns regardless of species, gender, age and health condition like Oak Bay is planning to do in its pilot project.

To those who say that wild animals do not belong in an urban environment, I would suggest that they move to downtown Toronto or Los Angeles. British Columbia has always been a natural treasure with its forests and wildlife.

Animals were here first and we humans have the duty to do everything we can to minimize the effect of our actions on their lives and coexist with them in the most responsible and respectful way.

Nabhraj Spogliarich



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