LETTER: Olympics worth more than the billions spent

I find it amazing that a cartoon published Feb. 26 chastises the Olympics due to the billions of dollars that they cost.

Raeside missed the point of the Olympics, thinking that money was the primary value of the games just as if a medal were the only value for the athletes.

The games promote a common purpose and goal for people. It is a call to worldwide recognition that mankind is one big garden and celebrates the variety and accomplishments of humanity.

Unfortunately the economics of the games are not as pure as the athletes skills or training but is controlled by bank and politics and fueled with greed and fear (billions for structures and security).

Rather than demote an organization and world structure, perhaps Raeside should promote it and its positive effect on the world's psyche.

Perhaps a cartoon and comment on the trillions spent on war throughout the world would be more constructive. Something, I’m sure, if we could snap our fingers, would eliminate hunger, poverty and supply vitals such as clean water throughout the world in a blink of an eye.

The only problem I see is that the world's psyche must first change for the positive on a grand scale. Something the Olympics promote, and something worth the money, whatever the cost.

Frank Marasco

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