Do we value our GDP above all else?

Our leaders sacrifice at the altar of growth.

Economic action, GDP growth is all their aim.

Our land, our air, our water, our health are secondary. In China today, we see the future of this mad idea.

After all, China has “enjoyed” much higher economic growth rates than Canada for many years. But they can’t breathe the air outside…

Our leaders say they wish we had such high growth rates.

They want to catch up, by exporting our coal, our oil, and our methane, to China (or anyone).

But those fuels are the very causes of unbreatheable air.

And a few days from now, that air will not be in China anymore.

It will be here, in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ottawa, Newfoundland—everywhere.

Oh, for a leader, party or government that would chart us a course away from fossil fuel, rather than towards it.

Even at the cost of a few points of GDP growth.

If that is the price of being able to go outside and breathe the air without fear, I would gladly pay.

Karl Maier

New Westminster

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