Who really benefits from Living Wage policies?

Re: Why a fair living wage is the right thing to do (Letters, NewsLeader, Feb. 19)

Bill Zander's class warfare narrative against the "top 10%" is unworthy of anyone engaged in public discourse.

In Canada, an income of about $85,000 qualifies one to be in the top 10%.

Mr. Zander overlooks that this class enemy also pays about 62 per cent of total income taxes. When they die or sell an asset, our efficient tax system collects an average $200,000 to $250,000 of income tax per $1,000,000 of capital

gains. We need more 1 and 10 per centers, not fewer.

The 10% includes not just business owners and investors but rock stars, pro athletes and all the judges in Canada. It also includes many teachers and professors, and school and hospital administrators.

In B.C., generous families like the Diamonds, Cohens, Sauders, Beedies and Aquilinis raise money and donate huge amounts to the arts, science, education and medical research.

Contrary to Mr. Zander, corporate bailouts or handouts are neither capitalism nor free enterprise.

Whether bailing out GM, who first used the money to pay bonuses for top people; or Chrysler, today,

telling governments: you need to give us $500M to keep our factories open in Canada, it is political

graft, rewarding waste and incompetence, and a misuse of taxpayers' money.

It is amazing Mr. Zander fails to connect the dots to the Fair Wage Policy. Same corrupt principles,

different monetary amounts. A better question for Mr. Zander to ask is: when the taxpayers are

plundered and pillaged, who benefits?

The policy is an exercise in raw political power.

Alan McNulty

New Westminster

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