'Virulent privatization ideology' of Harper government still unfolding

Dear editor,

The impending elimination of door-to-door mail delivery, the reduction of 8,000 jobs and the exorbitant rate increases by Canada Post are yet another example of the virulent privatization ideology of the Stephen Harper Conservative government.

In the late 1990s, George Radwansky issued a report that highlighted how successful public-sector services were viewed as unfair competition by business.

At that time, Canada Post was successfully increasing home package delivery to respond to the increase in online shopping.

What continues to be severely eroded is the fabric of Canada, whereby monopoly rights are granted for public services so that all Canadians, no matter where they live, have access to universal services.

The profits attained in the large urban centres are used to subsidize operations in remote and less-populated areas. Instead, what the privatization mania promotes are businesses (and quite often friends) cream skimming the profitable markets and abandoning any responsibility for the rest of the country.

Our federal government has no respect for our communities nor commitment to providing services:

• Despite active lobbying by the Friends of the CBC, our national media funding is being depleted.

• In spite of the lobbying by the Council of Canadians and others, fracking and destroying our natural resources continues.

• Rather than improving the Canada Pension Plan benefits, the Conservatives raise the retirement age to 67 and encourage defined contribution plans that cater to the investment brokers and speculators.

Harper’s group has pillaged the Unemployment Insurance (EI) plan and the RCMP pension fund. They are averse to renewing and improving our medicare system.

The value of Canadian citizenship has been frayed by self-serving politicians. As daily life becomes more complex and demanding, we are in effect contracting out our democracy to the unscrupulous.

We are rapidly being left with few options other than civil disobedience if we want to maintain a caring society.

We need to oppose Harper’s agenda en masse and refuse to be governed by this injustice.

Fred Muzin,



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