A theory

I am neither a scientist nor an astrologist but may be considered to be an armchair thinker in both disciplines. In order to qualify, I present the following theories that would seem to affect us here on Earth.

With all due respect to the scientific world, I present these unproven theories that will remain the same until proven otherwise.

Recently as I lay in my hospital bed, I was playing with my oxygen tube, making various shapes with it. I made a large loop with it and held it up so the clock on the wall was in the centre. What a perfect model of our solar system. Then by pulling on this orbit at various points, the length of the orbit remained the same and the 365 days remained the same. From there, my imagination got away on me.

What if some very large celestial body were to pass close enough to our solar system to exert a gravitational pull on its orbit to distort it without removing our planets from their orbit around the sun? Could this phenomenon occur every five million years causing the ice age cycle?

As this body approached our solar system, the Earth would experience global cooling and as it moved on past our solar system, the gravitational pull would recede and as our orbit slowly returned to normal, the Earth would experience global warming.

Now to consider our current circumstances on Earth today.

We are so concerned about carbon emissions destroying our atmosphere, and rightly so, but is this as critical as we are led to believe?

Did these conditions exist five or 10 million years ago during the time of previous ice ages? If so, we would have to believe there were also populations advanced to the extent that they could produce these emissions.

In conclusion, I humbly render this bulletin in support of my beliefs and look forward to any comments in support or denial of my theories.


Hugh Rayment, Vernon



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