China will still do business with us as long as it is to their advantage


I refer to James Hsieh's letter in your January 31st issue regarding apologies for historical wrongs, and would disagree on a couple of points he makes.

In the penultimate paragraph of his letter Mr Hsieh say he feels an apology at this time may make a rising China look more kindly on us. Reading  between the lines,  I understand this statement to mean that Canada will be 'punished' if it does not  kowtow before the Emperor in Bejing and beg forgiveness.  After living among them for 60 years I firmly believe the Chinese are a pragmatic race and that China will do business with us as long as it is to their advantage, and for the time being they are as thirsty for our oil and minerals as we are for their iPads.

Likewise,  the many repressed citizens of the People's Republic of China, who are eager to enjoy the freedom and protection of Canadian citizenship, are not going to be poring over Canadian history in their rush to come to this less than perfect country. In their lifetimes they have endured treatment from their own one party government  ten thousand times more harmful than head tax and loss of voting rights, and are probably rather amused Canadians are getting their knickers in such a twist over such a trivial matter, just as am I.



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