Cruelty and barbarism not sport

Dear editor,

I recently came across “the one that got away” in Henry Bay on the north end of Denman Island.

It was struggling over the cobble to make its way back to the water. At first glance I thought it had a broken leg but as I picked it up to help it, the damage was far worse.

This small duck fit in the palm of my hand and had severe damage done to its left side that included the damage to its leg, wing and exposed rib cage where a firearm had left a hole big enough for a pencil to fit in.

I was amazed it was still alive and knew it wouldn't be for much longer as I gently placed it back in the ocean.

Is this really considered “hunting” when a boatload of “men” hide behind a driftwood shelter and wait for the ducks to come close enough to blast them out of existence?


Is this for food or the perverted pleasure of being able to destroy life in such an incredibly violent way. This is not “sport,” this is not “hunting;” this is cruel and barbaric.

Until this type of “sport” is recognized for what it is and stopped, and “hunters” continue to have an overwhelming desire to kill things they don't intend on eating, I hope they will at least kill their prey outright to prevent unnecessary suffering.

Have a little compassion — if you're at all capable and if not, seek help from a mental health professional!

Edina Johnston,

Denman Island


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