Prime Minister Harper needs to answer to more than just the Alberta corporate elite


Prime Minister Steven Harper, Joe Oliver and his inglorious band of climate change deniers continue to avoid the truth about their governments contribution towards environmental disaster.

Cloaked in and economic only advocacy, he and his cabinet on behalf of the oil and gas industry, push the oil sand toxin spewing money maker onto the Canadian public. In our name they avoid the truth, and reality of the consequences of their selfish actions and those who cosign this ruthless behaviour.

Society refuses to condone this display of ego, denial, manipulation and outright lying by other members of that society, why then is Harper allowed to believe he can? He continues to hide from the Canadian people under his protective bubble of self deluded ignorance.

He is not fooling the majority of Canadians or others who share space in this precious world, we all live in. Only he and his government and whom the RCMP guard from any attempt by journalists and the Canadian public rightfully questioning his excess of power and zero accountability. Harper carries a great responsibility to all Canadians, not just his Alberta-based corporate elite.

He will continue to hide but history will ultimately judge him and his cohorts for the immense damage he continues to foist on the people of Canada and the world. Their actions will be judged long after the damage is done, but all of them will be held responsible and not be absolved by the children of the future whose quality of life they have destroyed.

David L. Merke

Salt Spring Island

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