Letters: Bieber an embarrassment

Bieber an embarrassment

The Canadian Bieber has become an embarrassment to our nation. The only comparison he has to Michael Jackson is a glove and possible crotch itch.

A moon walker Justin is not but a cadet  lost in space perhaps.

There is only one way I would ever buy a Bieber record and that is to have a sex change and turn my age back to that of a teary-eyed teeny bopper high on the substance.

As far as crying out that he is only 19 years old makes me want to puke.

Many young men have joined the Canadian Armed Forces to serve our country if the need arises, before reaching the adult age of Bieber.

I speak as one of them and each month during training I received $88 from the paymaster !

Too bad baby Bieber is on a path that has lead to suicide for many others who just couldn’t handle the golden goose that landed in their life !

Tom Isherwood



Cartoon lacks tact

Upon reading your publication Jan 24/14, I found the cartoon you printed to be in very poor taste.

I have great respect for people like Tim Jones, who risked their lives for others almost daily, this gentleman has not even been gone a week and you saw fit to let this go to publication.

In my opinion this is very tacky, very poor taste.

Cindy Joy



ALRs are essential

Concepts from a book written by Dr. E. F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful – Economics as if People Mattered, are relevant to the current debate surrounding the  Agricultural Land Reserve.

Municipalities throughout BC have tended to view agricultural lands simply as a source of taxation and as a land-bank for development, as a quarry for exploitation much like a gravel pit.

Those of us involved in agriculture have a much deeper understanding of what it means to be part of our towns and cities, of our province and of our country.

Besides having a deep affection for the soil, and for the food it produces, we have four goals we need to fulfill – health, beauty, permanence, and productivity: To keep man in touch with living nature, of which he is and remains a highly vulnerable part; to humanize and ennoble man’s wider habitat; to bring forth the foodstuffs and other materials which are needed for a becoming life for others, and; to provide ourselves and those that depend on us with a living income.

We cannot achieve these goals through tourism, sight-seeing or other leisure-time activities.

We need to keep people on the land, with their hands in the soil, having the gratification of producing a product that they can use for their own fortification as well as others.

If we decimate our agricultural land reserves we will die.  We cannot depend on food supplies coming from far away forever.

“Instead of searching for means to accelerate the drift out of agriculture, we should be searching for policies to reconstruct rural culture, to open the land for the gainful occupation to larger numbers of people, whether it be on a full-time or a part-time basis, and to orientate all our actions on the lands towards the ideals of health, beauty, permanence and sustainability.

Frank Martens



Les Mis magnificent

Many thanks to Soundstage Productions for bringing ‘Les Mis’ to Penticton. It was a truly wonderful show and all the cast should be congratulated. What talent we have, and all amateurs. Thank you so much for a really memorable evening. Please can we have some more. From a very proud mother and grandmother.

Anne Scott

United Kingdom


Injured deer yields runaround

Today I noticed a young deer in my yard in OK Falls and its back leg was coming off due to maybe a car accident.

I took a video and called the SPCA right away. They told me to call the RCMP and they would come out and put it down.

So I did and they said to call the conservation officer and they would come out here and shoot it.

So I called the conservation officer and they told me if the deer was unable to stand then they would come out here and shoot it but because it was able to stand on its own they wouldn’t come out here and that it will most likely become coyote food. It is a young deer maybe a year old and instead of coming out here and putting it down they would rather have it eaten alive by coyotes.

I think that is animal abuse and me and my family think it needs to be addressed.

They have all these laws to protect wildlife and when it needs it they are no where to be found.

John Elliot Yardley

Okanagan Falls



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