$500,000 granite sidewalks?

Congratulations to city council and its staff for finding idiotic ways to uselessly spend our tax dollars each year so that they have excuses to increase taxes again the next year.

Council and its staff obviously live in their own little world and have no clue about their city and its citizens. How can they honestly or even dishonestly justify spending $400,000 - $500,000 in granite alone into the sidewalks downtown?  Is this “beautification?” The only way they could think of spending our taxes after raising them 13 per cent? Can’t have a surplus in the budget after raising taxes that much, it might look bad, so they better make the money go away so that they can raise them some more again this year.

Do they think a town of blue collar workers and retirees really care about walking on some fancy rock, or are they placing it for the new building that they gave a five-year tax break to? Maybe the taxpayers could use that money to try support their families and pay some of the other bills that keep going up as well. There are a lot of other services that could use some funding instead.

I guess the citizens need a lawyer (any volunteers?) to sue the city for stealing from us, and then insulting us by making us walk on our tax dollars. Maybe the mayor should be given the power to fire every last one of them and start from scratch, instead of council being able to kick the mayor out of meetings for voicing opinions of the people that voted them in.

Ken Knoppers

Campbell River

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