Cyclists should be licenced

The Editor,

Re. “Should cyclists be licensed and taxed?” (Face to Face, The Tri-City News, Jan. 10).

I completely agree with Face to Face columnist Andy Radia on registration and taxing cyclists because some are not obeying traffic laws.

Some think they own the road by going through stop signs, not wearing helmets or reflective clothing and not using the proper hand signals or initiating eye contact with drivers.

And who gets all the blame in the event of an accident? It’s the law abiding drivers like myself.

I’m sick of all the whining and complaining from some cyclists. I believe they’re getting preferential treatment from some of our politicians, all in the name of protecting the environment.

When good drivers whine and complain about cyclists, some politicians refuse to listen and do something about it. A car is not a lethal weapon if it is driven by law-abiding people.

I agree that we should make greener choices to protect our environment for future generations.

Car companies are working very hard to make their vehicles safer and more environmentally friendly.

The next logical step for cyclists is a graduated licensing program similar to ICBC. Cyclist education is just as important as driver education.

It’s time to have an open mind about these issues.

Now that’s fair!

Patrick Caelian



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