Courtenay councillors crying Maple Pool crocodile tears

Dear editor,

I was present at the Courtenay council meeting where Maple Pool was “discussed.”

But in fact, what I saw was a staged event in which councillors cried crocodile tears over the stress and pain this issue has caused them.

How difficult it has been for them to close down Maple Pool. How they have suffered through those secret meetings.

But not one word to acknowledge the anxiety, pain and stress that their action has inflicted on Jin and Dali Lin, on 50-plus residents who have lived with the legal threat of eviction for three years now.

The City can clean up this mess of their own making by simply dropping the litigation against Maple Pool. Just let the residents of Maple Pool be as they are and have been for many years: a quiet, self-contained, very peaceful place it is, a community within our community.

The Vancouver lawyers are happy to keep collecting our money for as long as possible. Ask your councillors what this fiasco has cost so far. Then ask them again at election time. Think what a forced, protested and resisted eviction will cost.

And the future for these displaced people? Discount any daydream about social housing. It’s not going to happen — no money, no political will and few Maple Pool residents would volunteer to go to subsidized housing.

We can only guess at the council’s motivation because it has been discussed in-camera. Could it be fear of privatized social housing (as we have at Maple Pool)?

Anticipated property tax Page Two Revenue on the prime river frontage when developed? A simple‑minded desire to gentrify the area by getting rid of those living there?

So let the councillors keep their secrets.

Mayor Larry Jangula seems to be a one-faced person who doesn’t agree with any of the above. To the displeasure of the others, he has taken to heart their “common sense” slogan. He says what he feels - out loud.

Let’s give Larry Jangula an all-new, people-oriented, open council next time. That is a solution. Is anyone happy about anything this council has done?

It would have been encouraging to see Coun. Doug Hillian make a real motion, seconded by Ronna-Rae Leonard — that the litigation be dropped.

The motion Hillian made is nonsensical and contradictory in that only a court injunction can stop an eviction once the City wins its case against the people at Maple Pool. Then more cost, more fear, anxiety, stress, more senseless cost. Jeff Hartbower,



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