LETTER: New garbage policy wrong on so many levels

I have been meaning to write a letter to the editor every day since the new garbage pickup policy began.

First, however, I emailed the ones responsible for picking it up, with no solution given. This is wrong on so many levels.

First of all, I would like to know how much we had to pay in taxes for those ridiculous beige buckets that don’t even close properly or easily. I much prefer ice cream buckets that keep the fruit flies out and cost next to nothing because most people have them already.

Then there is the incredible stench in my kitchen from garbage sitting around so long. I was advised that the solution is to wash my garbage. Really? I already rinse all the recyclables.

I’m guessing the cost of the water to wash our garbage is really adding up too, but I guess it doesn’t matter. We have to pay that, in addition to our already ridiculously high taxes.

Also, there is the extra cost to heat the house from taking garbage out more often, but again  we pay that, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

Then too, stinky garbage outside attracts critters. We have never had them before, but we do since the new garbage policy, and it’s disgusting and unsafe.

I don’t know of any other community with garbage pick-up that only picks it up every two weeks.

Suzanne Bertness,


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