Letters: RCMP need to shine light on illegal headlamps

RCMP must shine light on illegal headlamps

Letter to RCMP Inspector Kevin Hewco:

Many drivers who drive at night are well aware that many inconsiderate vehicle owners have wired their vehicle’s lighting systems illegally.

These drivers have installed over-powered bulbs in fog lights, installed illegal bulbs in head lights and raised fog lamp settings illegally in order to shine in the faces of oncoming drivers.

RCMP Inspector Kevin Hewco, you have the ability to force your members to apply the provisions of the B.C. Motor Act Regulations and ticket the offending vehicle drivers.

If your members suspect illegal lamps, then immediately have the vehicles towed to a vehicle inspection facility.

If you allow the offending vehicle drivers to voluntarily attend a vehicle inspection facility, the illegal bulbs, lamp settings and illegal wiring will be corrected prior to attending a vehicle inspection facility.

Vehicles with driving lights wired to come on with the low beam head light settings should be immediately issued a ticket and the wires to the driving lights should be immediately cut and a demand that the offending driving lights be removed from the vehicle.

Another solution would be to issue each RCMP member with a ball peen hammer and immediately rectify the illegal lights.

If the offending vehicle drivers do not know the regulations, have them Google the BC Motor Vehicle Act Regulations and refer to Division 4 – Lamps.

Please pay particular attention to the provisions of Section - 4.09 - auxiliary driving lamps, Section - 4.11 - fog lamps and Section – 4.25 - off-road driving lights.

Section 4.09 states that driving lamps cannot, I repeat cannot, be wired to come on in the low beam setting.

An employee of the Ministry of Transportation informed me that all lights are marked as to whether they are driving lights or fog lights.

MLA Dan Ashton, have your government amend the regulations and change the requirement where fog lamps can be either white or amber in colour.

The RCMP would immediately know the illegal lights, if all fog lights were mandated to be amber in color.

RCMP Inspector Kevin Hewco, your comments on the above would be appreciated.

Ted Wiltse



Council should look east

After WestJet decided not to come to Penticton, city council hasn’t been seen doing much about it. Yes, we are serviced by Air Canada, but they only fly to Vancouver.  Most of us would rather fly east to Calgary and beyond. That’s why we drive to Kelowna and fly West Jet.

It’s not that we prefer one airline over another. But why fly west to go east, adding time and expense. You would think Air Canada would see an opportunity; add a flight from Penticton to Calgary, allowing passengers to connect east using their airline.

There are other Canadian airlines, Regional 1, Central Mountain Air, Air North and Horizon Air to name a few. But if Canadian airlines don’t want to service our city maybe city council should lobby the federal government to change the airport into an international airport, allowing us to attract foreign airlines.

Attracting any airline to use our airport would bring more people to visit Penticton and bolster our tourist industry and finally putting us on the destination map.

George Meeks



Cuts in war machine saving lives

There is heated debate in faith-based America on spending cuts on its social safety net, re: food stamps, unemployment benefits and health care, etc. but nothing is reported on the savings in blood, human suffering and treasure on the winding down of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and restraint from involvement in the violent middle east upheaval.

However searing criticism and attacks on America’s institutions, particularly the office of the presidency, which in total is killing America.

This is in stark contrast to the incredible progress made by atheist, non-militant China.

Is the attempt to remove America’s first black President from office next? This deeply concerns Canadians as Canada is the 52nd de facto American state. Israel being the 51st.

Joe Schwarz



Why take the risk?

Building a pipeline provides temporary employment, but an alternative exists that offers fewer environmental risks, fewer carbon emissions, and more long-term work for residents of B.C.

If the proposed $6.5 billion expenditure were invested in public transit, building retrofits, and renewable energy, between three to 34 times more jobs would be generated.

In addition, more super-tankers would have a negative impact on commercial fishing and ecotourism in the Kitimat region.  And if a spill occurs, thousands of jobs along the entire coast will be in jeopardy.

Since there is a much better option, why take the risk of toxic spills on our land and water?

Larry Kazdan,



Lakeshore walkway a success

As they are very near completion of the new pathway along Lakeshore we seem to be getting some negative feedback on this. My wife and I are very happy with the current result and look forward to it being completed in the Spring.

This project, which was not overly costly, has enhanced the entire beach area on Lakeshore Drive.

Penticton is no doubt a tourist town with ample beaches which draw tourists and this area has been “cleaned up” and with the wider walkway provides lots of room for users to enjoy the views. Plus they kept the angle parking. Well done Greyback Construction.

And if anyone thinks we don’t have enough beach area there are beaches further east out Lakeshore to Marina Way which seem to be only used by locals. Lots of room at this beach and then there is Skaha Lake with a long stretch of beach area.

I hope that council continues on the necessary upgrades to downtown and recommend they hire additional works crews to clean up some of the towns unsightly areas where weeds and overgrown brush has taken over.

Al Watt



Thankful for KVR benches

We appreciate very much whoever cleaned the graffiti on the benches of the KVR trail.

We sit on one of the benches when we go out for walks and enjoy the sceneries. Most of all, thank you to the families who donated those benches.

Gordon and Edna Johnson




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