Consume smart

First let me say that I am not usually a letter writer but there are just some things that need to be said.

A couple of years ago, a movie came out called The Hunger Games. I was looking for something to watch so I watched it. It has haunted me ever since. What is it about? It is about children aged  12 to 18 put into an arena to kill each other for the entertainment of adults. Really.

If they were put in the arena to make love to each other the people responsible would be arrested for child pornography, but brutally kill each other? Well that’s OK. Is it only me that takes offense to this?

This movie came out right around the time that a young man went into a school somewhere down south and shot 26 people, children included. Is it only me that sees a correlation here? Most of us can separate fiction from reality, but apparently not everyone.

Now as if one is not enough there is a sequel coming out. The other day I was in a local sandwich shop and a young girl had a T-shirt on advertising the new movie. I asked if she knew what it was about and she excitedly asked if I saw the first one. I think they are having a contest were you can pick the winner, that is which child will survive or in other words kill the other children.

What would happen I wonder if the actors and producers of this movie were charged with accessory to murder for their part in the school killings? And you also have a part if you support this kind of entertainment. Sometimes the only weapon we have as consumers is not to consume.

What are you watching?

John D’Aigle


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