Follow the rules or go home

Editor, The News:

Re: Shot or mask at B.C. hospitals during flu season (The News, Dec. 4).

I had the opportunity last Wednesday to attend Ridge Meadows Hospital for the purpose of an ultrasound.

As I checked into imaging reception, I requested a mask, given that I had not had a flu shot and noticing the sign clearly displayed asking visitors and staff to wear one under those circumstances.

The clerk was very helpful, offering me one and thanking me for requesting it.

As I put mine on, I noticed the second clerk with a mask dangling from her ear not covering her mouth or nose.

Clearly, she knows the policy, as she’s an employee.

Why would she have the mask partway on?

To me, she was deliberately circumventing the rule.

How is it possible that someone, working in a hospital with so many vulnerable people could be so deliberately selfish and uncaring?

How is it possible that she was not sent home for doing so?

Flouting a regulation that helps save lives, protects others and oneself, reduces costs, and has been agreed to as a condition of work is not sticking up for one’s rights.

It is selfishness, plain and simple, and a blatant disregard for the rights of others.

It is the deliberate disregard for common health-related knowledge and can be the cause of suffering and loss of life for others.

While it is admirable that Fraser Health has put this policy in place, it will do little good if it is not enforced.

Care workers, who deliberately flout the rules, should be sent home without pay and told to remain away until they are willing to comply.

Hilary Kim Morden

Maple Ridge

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