Tough on 'derelict homes'


If Councillor Fox is so keen to get tough with owners of derelict homes, he should also focus his attention on derelict buildings in general, especially those in the public eye, like the corner of 264th Street and Fraser Highway. That has been an eyesore for a number of years (it has received approval for rezoning), continues to be a blight on the face of Aldergrove.

Aldergrove, of course, is not high on the priority list of our current councillors and will continue to be until the council of the Township comes to the reality that we who live here help pay their salaries. Poor Mr. Fox has to live next to a 'derelict' house and that bothers him. How does he feel about two derelict buildings sitting on a piece of property that the owner has allowed to become overgrown, in a high profile location at a major intersection in Aldergrove? Doesn't bother him much I'm guessing, and I'm guessing that Mr. Long could care less as well.

Why on earth do we have to wait and see what other municipalities are doing? Are we not a municipality in our own right? Do we not have the ability to make decisions for ourselves? Can we not make our own decisions as to how we deal with issues that are affecting our communities within the Township. Geez... what did we elect you guys to do... sit back and see what Surrey or Burnaby or Mission or Port Moody do? No, you were elected to look after issues that affect our Township. So get off your lazy butts and do what's best for the Township, and stop worrying about what the neighbours are doing.

If we have a problem with derelict buildings, then deal with the owners and make them get rid of them or make the owners clean up the mess and reduce the eyesore. I don't care what they are doing in Surrey or Burnaby or wherever else... just deal with what will work best in the Langley Township.

Debbie Atkinson, Aldergrove

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