Smart meter program meant to herd people

To the Editor,

I am deeply disappointed in how our government has dealt with the smart meter program.

B.C. Hydro first advertised that we, the people, would not have to phone in if our hydro went out.

Hydro has a monitoring system complete with its own satellite communication that is independent of the Internet that monitors all main distribution.

They are well aware of when hydro goes out. They also stated it would curb hydro theft.

Hydro theft is done before the meter so a new meter will not prevent this.

The latest advertising states the meters will educate us as to how to save and reduce consumption.

It sure will. When they have completed the installation process, you can bank on a shift in billing to reflect consumption during peak hours.

Remember the rate hikes natural gas implemented after they completed their installation throughout the city?

Who will this affect the most?

The people that are home during the day. The pensioners, the disabled, and the parents at home with children.

Also there has been no mention of what the cumulative effect will be once we are all transmitting radiation simultaneously.

Let’s call it what it is – a cash grab targeting  some of our most vunerable citizens. No one would invest this kind of money without expecting a return.

Where’s our governing body that is to look out for the betterment of its citizens?

If the mindset is to herd us like dumb animals, then this is just the beginning.

B. J. McGrath


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