KISS made us pay


Guess what? KISS played in Prince George at a low cost of $145. Guess what? KISS then played in Dawson Creek at a low cost of $129. Guess what? KISS then played in Fort McMurray at a low cost of $99. Guess what? Kiss then played in Newfoundland at a low cost of $90. There is a pattern here. It appears the older Kiss gets the cheaper the tickets. Or, is the dollar worth more as one goes eastward?

People in Prince George have always complained about the high cost of tickets compared to southern communities, believing that the higher ticket prices were to cover the cost to travel to a remote community.

I always thought Dawson Creek and Fort McMurray were more remote than Prince George.  Even though I am a KISS fan, I personally feel that $145 for a ticket to watch two old guys sing on stage is a bit too much. But yet it was sold out. For some people, $145 to see their icon was worth it, especially with the special effects and the explosions.

Others may consider it an investment just to have the opportunity to say, “I was there when Gene Simmons dropped dead of a heart attack on stage,” or to sell their video clip from their iPhone to the media of Gene having a heart attack.

Why is it that in Fort McMurray where the average salary is about $100,000, people can pay $99 to see KISS, and in Prince George they had to pay $145? Could it be that the staff in Prince George need to raise the ticket price, knowing people will still pay, in order to cover their $100,000 salary? Or perhaps KISS heard stories about Prince George’s poor air quality, high crime and poor roads and raised the price to cover their health cost.

Not only were the tickets $55 cheaper in Newfoundland, there was an early bird special of $70 for the first 5000 tickets. Plus, you got to see other bands like Smash Mouth, Fefe Dobson, Down with Webster and members of ELO (Electric Light Orchestra).  Smash Mouth was a band that had several hits in the late 90s that peaked in the top 10 on the music chart.  Fefe Dobson just recently hit number one on the Much Music charts, and for some guys, even if you don’t like her music, she is still worth watching on stage. Down with Webster can’t be too good because they are coming to Prince George in late July and tickets are only $25. And ELO did not have all of their original members, but neither did KISS.

There is also another pattern in the ticket prices for each event. The price of tickets decreased as the per cent of Newfies in the area increased. Could it be that Newfies refused to give in and be forced to pay ridiculously high prices for tickets? Newfies, who have been the brunt of jokes over years, appear to be a lot brighter than others. Perhaps it is time that people in Prince George say enough is enough, we will no longer be taken advantage of, because right now, this is one Newfie joke that the Newfies are laughing and people in Prince George are asking “where’s the joke?”

On the other hand if lowering ticket prices will result in yet another tax increase to offset the cost, then I am all in favour of ridiculously high prices for tickets.

Dennis Fudge

Prince George


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