Letter - Crazy smart meter plan

Before criticizing Dulcy Wilson’s concerns about smart meters, you’d think that former Vancouver Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Blatherwick would investigate the deleterious effects of radio frequency waves (“Smart meters safe” letter, May 11 Driftwood).

Here’s what the BioInitiative Working Group of renowned scientists and public health policy experts say about exposure to radio frequency waves (RF).

“Wireless technologies which rely on RF to send emails and voice communication are thousands of times stronger than levels reported to cause sleep disorders, headaches, problems with memory and concentration and other adverse physical symptoms.”

The European Environmental Agency decries technology and government’s failure to apply the precautionary principle in the face of public and environmental hazards. Has Dr. Blatherwick ever heard of the precautionary principle? It means “at first you do no harm” and it should be the first concern of a medical practitioner.

We are told these meters radiate inconsequential microwaves. Nuclear scientist Daniel Hirsche disagrees in the video called Smart Meters 100X Radiation Exposure of a Cell Phone on the www.citizensforsafetechnology.org website.

By the way, these meters blanket our homes with radio frequency waves 24/7, monitoring every time we use an electrical device, then send this information a few times a day to BC Hydro. See “Expert Debunks ‘Smart’ Meter Craze” video on YouTube.

Blatherwick hasn’t mentioned the cost. B.C. taxpayers will pay $1 billion for these meters and the savings over 20 years will recoup about half of that. Three thousand people who read the meters will lose their jobs. Who’s benefiting?


Mesachie Lake



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