Harper's stability


Stephen Harper is campaigning that his government has been the stability that Canada needs in these difficult times.

I would not dispute that Conservatives have been contributors to the stability. Mr. Harper states that only he, with a majority, can continue the stability for Canadians.

This is a bit of Mr. Harper’s narcissism speaking. Stephen Harper has been the leader of the country as a minority leader.

That means all of what has taken place during his tenure has been scrutinized by the rest of parliament and passed, at least, by a “coalition” of parties that represent literally a majority of Canadians. That, in a nutshell, has been the reason for stability Mr. Harper falsely claims as his alone.

I am conservative, in the sense that, in these shaky times, I want our government’s actions scrutinized by those representing as much of the population of Canada as possible so that we make the best decisions for all Canadians.

I want another minority government, which ever party wins.

Canada lately has been stable in terms of economics and reducing crime.

Mr. Harper’s harbouring and protection of people in his own party who lie to parliament, forge receipts, forge documents, create schemes to circumvent the campaign law, then ask taxpayers to pay for it and regularly withholding information in contempt of parliament is a good indication of the type of stability the self-proclaimed “transparent” Mr. Harper would bring if unchecked.

Maybe the contempt of parliament by Mr. Harper isn’t Earth-shattering to conservative-minded Canadians now, but it signals grave dangers ahead for us should he form a majority.

As my mother always said: “One lie leads to another and another … .” And Order Harper, doing all he’s done to manipulate, disregard, and undermine Canadian and parliamentarian law for his own ends.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Tom Salley

Williams Lake

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