Driverless vehicles can’t come soon enough

Editor, The Times:

I was jogging on a city sidewalk recently and came to an intersection. There was a vehicle approaching at not even close to the speed limit (these were side streets).

The car did not have the stop sign, so I slowed and proceeded into the intersection to indicate my intention to cross.

The vehicle slowed and yielded. I crossed quickly, not requiring the vehicle to stop completely. Then something bewildering happened.

As the driver pulled away, he said, not yelling, but loud enough for me to hear: "You don't have the right of way."

Has the law changed? If this is the state of driver knowledge today, I can hardly wait for the autonomous vehicles to take over the roads.

I'm even OK with giving these new vehicles loudspeakers so they can warn pedestrians who are about to make a mistake or even inform them of it afterwards.

At least they would have traffic laws programmed and wouldn't blurt out stupidities.

Robert Spanell

Kamloops, B.C.

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