Letter: Some dog owners in Chilliwack have no respect


Re: Kelly Moore’s letter regarding off-leash parks, July 31

Ms. Moore,

In regards to your very valid points about the excessive development in Chilliwack and lack of off-leash areas for dogs, I agree. I for one, am not a “dog person” but do understand the need for more off-leash areas.

Unfortunately, from my experiences, mostly along the Rotary Trail, there are very few responsible dog owners. I have been chased, bitten, ridden through dog feces, and tangled in retractable leashes that no one seems to know how to use. This isn’t while speeding along the multi-user trails along the Vedder River. I let my presence known well in advance, slow down to walking speed, and move to the appropriate side of the trail. Yet I still have to weave through people that move right while their dogs go left, leaving the aforementioned leashes strung across the trail, dog feces, and usually the dog who is now trying to bite me or chase me. Then I have to worry about my daughter behind me. That’s if the dog is on a leash. If it’s not and starts to chase me/us, I have to stop.

Some dogs pose no real concern while others . . . well let’s just say I’m prepared. And what of the wildlife you speak of or dogs of responsible owners? They all get chased or disturbed to some extent. I’ve seen dogs attack spawning salmon in the river. I’ve seen dogs attack other dogs or chase rabbits, geese, and other birds. I’ve seen two off leash huskies run at an RCMP dog, and I’ve read about numerous events in the paper.

All these irresponsible dog owners help to “paint” the responsible ones with the same brush and public safety takes precedence over dogs.

I won’t even speak to how many times I’ve almost been hit by people driving with dogs on their laps.

Mike Dobson


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