LETTER: Why is Chilliwack MP afraid of issues?


I am impressed with the provincial government initiative to review highway speed limits. The review generated public discussion, and this discussion prompted a change to some posted speed limits. I believe this type of discussion should continue to be encouraged and initiated by our elected public servants on a much wider range of topics.

Federally, voters have heard very little about Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), which could be seen as an agreement to create the North American Union, an economic state much like the EU.  Canadians should also be discussing a similar deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP),  which is being negotiated by our elected reps right now. It sounds as if we are being included in a large geographic union of countries that could impose on Canada’s sovereignty and our right to self-government.

Could we talk about Canada’s participation in an endless series of wars. The average Canadian could not tell you why we went to Afghanistan and spent $11 to $22 billion. Currently, Canadian reps have stated that we are strongly against the current leadership of Syria. We believe that Iran has a rogue nuclear program, and we support Israel’s bombing of Gaza. Jordan had a refugee crisis and it did not take much persuasion for Canada to sent $100 million. Canadian politicians continue to press for sanctions and other war-like regulations against Russia in the current Ukraine conflict.

Invasion of privacy rates quite high on my need-to-know list. It is common knowledge that all electronic communications are recorded and examined. Police departments proudly proclaim that they will access your communications to determine your guilt. CSIS has been caught snooping on the cell phones of random airport arrivals. It is no secret that we are moving into a society where we are totally watched and totally regulated.

Do Canadians really agree and promote all these agendas? I meet people who tell me that I am delusional because I believe that we live in a democratic society where the word of the people is the law. But, I was taught that my MP was my voice, or at least the voice of my neighbours and me, in Ottawa. I don’t recall the legislation that changed that relationship. Why then does Mark Strahl not at least mention any of the previous federal issues in his “Have Your Say” brochure?

I urge Chilliwack voters to use his postage paid, return envelope to direct Mr. Strahl to the adult issues that are facing Canada as a nation. As in the discussion of the highway speed limit, we may see some changes made.

Gary Raddysh


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