Don’t believe everything you read in Have your Say, or another anonymous forum.  Some of the biggest rip-off artists have been given glowing reviews in the Record and elsewhere.  I wonder if their spouses or parents send them in. Buyer beware: don’t take anyone’s word on who to hire. Be sure to get at least three quotes for the job you want done. That way you are less likely to get cheated. And if you do get taken, you can’t mention the crooks by name in this column, but there’s always Facebook. As long as you post the information so that only your closest friends, and not the general public can read it, you probably won’t get sued for libel, but the word will get out and hopefully force these crooks out of business.

The BC Government is in no hurry to settle the BCTF strike. Around Christmas time, teachers will be low on cash and parents will be really, really upset - a deal will be reached. The wealthy will pay more taxes, good teachers will get a good raise, poor teachers will be weeded out, and retired teachers will no longer be on call. And ----pigs will fly.

Thank you to Lisa Courtenay Grooming Salon for the fantastic job you did with our dog. It’s so hard to find a good groomer these days, and then, as soon as you do, they seem to move away or retire. Please don’t move away! Or retire! You are the best!

In reply to the letter about cyclists and improving bicycle lanes, maybe cyclists should start paying a road tax as the motorists do then there may be some dollars to pay for the improvements.

Nobody should be wasting Comox Lake water during this drought, but it’s unlikely that stage 2 or 3  water restrictions will make much difference to Comox Lake levels. Climate change is here, and as predicted in CVRD studies, inflows are lower than historical inflows. BC Hydro controls the reservoir- they will need to shut down power generation until inflows increase.

To the unobservant, inconsiderate, rude, self-centred, disrespectful liar of an old fool who blocked normal take out procedures at the public boat launch at Comox Lake (on the Cumberland side) Thursday, July 17: grow up. You can’t just inconsiderately butt in line and block someone who is clearly in the process of dealing with their boat,  create chaos, and inefficiency, and a situation where now only two boats can be taken out where three could have been done quite easily, safely, and logically, and then expect that people are not going to get upset with your unobservant and self-centred ways. As I was walking up to get my truck and trailer rig I stopped you when you just showed up, before you put your trailer in the water, to let you know that you were going to block my access for my trailer which I was just going to get, as the equipment and boat I had was now organized for easy and expedient loading. Your deceitful tactic was to trick me into thinking you would co-operate in “10 seconds”, and simply move your rig over to the middle where there was a great deal of room beside the other boat coming out, and where you should have gone in the first place, so that three of us could take out at the same time rather than just two ... but no that was not what you did!  When I went to get my trailer after peacefully speaking with you to let you know you were causing a problem you just proceeded to selfishly put your trailer in the water anyhow, and then go and get your boat which was not lined up and ready like I was, and you then took about 15 minutes to fart around and try and get your boat out of the water with your poorly trained kids as helpers, and then proceed to block me even further by not moving up and out of the way once it was out!  Were you drinking or on drugs?  It sure seemed like it!  By the time that ignorant delay passed a new guy showed up who tangled the situation even further as we could not understand why you were just sitting there further blocking access, when your boat was now on the trailer and out of the water!  Previous to that when I tried to stop you again as you were prancing off along the dock to get your boat you added more lying to your ignorance and told me you were already in the water when I first tried to get you to smarten up, and easily move over one space, so we could both take-out!  Grow up and smarten up, and people will find you a lot easier to deal with, because your attitude towards others right now SUCKS!


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