LETTER: Thankful for amazing support shown by community


Mr. Masses,

Initially, I found your words hurtful and offensive but quickly remembered that people like you are few and far between. While you are entitled to your opinion, it is so distasteful to speak with such hatred and aggression towards any human being no matter who they are.

I believe and support the right of freedom of speech as this is the platform for so many vital historic causes, however I do not support bigotry, hate and discrimination. I, as a civilized proud Canadian, may not agree with every person’s views, whether they be political, religious or personal but I have the kind Canadian heart that knows that we all have different values and beliefs and it is not my job to change them, but only to respect them and treat them as I would like to be treated myself. It is a valuable lesson you might want to learn Collin.

As a father I find it incredibly offensive that you speak ill of our children and about the life they will live full of apparent addiction and suicidal tendencies. Please remind yourself that these awful comments you are making are directed at two beautiful six-week old babies. It’s interesting that you find yourself an expert on my children’s future which further proves how disconnected you are from our modern society. Will our children be faced with extra challenges? I would say no more than the average child, as every child comes with their own unique differences.

Our children will grow up in a home with two loving parents that will love and support them every step of the way. We will fill their lives with opportunity and they will always know that they have unconditional love and support from us and the incredible community of family and friends around us. Thankfully for us and our children, the world is becoming a better place by the day. People are opening their minds and their hearts to all different types of families as the dynamics of families are changing and evolving. Will some take issue on this? Absolutely, but the ones that will are the vast minority and we as one of those evolving families are relieved to know that society is on our side.

I was raised by a single parent and have been able to achieve incredible things in my life including an exceptional career, beautiful relationship enriched in love and now a family of my own. Not once have I felt that not having a father in my life has hurt me developmentally or emotionally. At the end of the day a child needs love, stability and support. This can come from a Mom and a Dad, two Dads, two Moms, a single Dad or a single Mom. It appears you lacked that as a child and I am deeply saddened that you were raised with such hatred in your heart.

Does your message affect me and my family? Yes it does, but not in the way you were hoping. You have further helped us see that our support by far exceeds what we ever thought. Your message of hate will be used as a tool for parents to see the importance of raising our children with an open mind and an open heart full of love and acceptance. There unfortunately are still a few people like you in this world, but you have thankfully showed us you are incredibly out numbered.

To all our amazing supporters, from the bottom of our hearts you have forever impacted our lives in such a beautiful way. We have received hundreds of messages of well wishes of support and have been stopped on the street and in stores to further share their heartfelt appreciation of our story and to let us know they support and welcome us. You have all warmed our heart and this really shows that Chilliwack is our home and we are loved and welcomed.

I am proud to live in this beautiful city full of amazing people. Thank you once again, Chilliwack.

Justin, Brett,

Jordyn and Sawyer


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