LETTER: The objective of factory farming is the almighty dollar

Sylvia Philbrook letter. - Submitted
Sylvia Philbrook letter.
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I have been through the vivisection labs. I have seen the calculated cruelty inflicted on helpless animals, which our government condones and funds with my tax dollars.

I have seen the videos of dogs being skinned alive for their pelts to make handbags.

I have seen horrors perpetuated in slaughterhouses, where bets are made as to how fast one could shoot and gut an animal. The horses’ hearts were still beating as they landed on the floor.

Here in Chilliwack the brutalizing of dairy cows who provide the milk we consume fills me with the same rage and disgust, not only at the perpetrators but also at the stupid government who promote and aid factory farming, the source of the poisons we purchase and consume.

The objective of factory farming is the almighty dollar, the green God these people go to church on Sunday to worship.

Stressed animals are toxic. Consumers are being hoodwinked that these products are safe and wholesome. They are not.

The best way to combat this outrageous fraud is boycott their products. The loss of revenue is the only stimulant these monsters understand.

If there is any form of justice in this country, which is doubtful, these poeple should be jailed and prohibited from keeping animals, period.

It is well known that the most vicious, sadistic criminals have a history of animal abuse. What does that tell about these individuals?

Sylvia Philbrook


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