LETTER: Longboarders flagrant disregard of the law is reckless


Well, at first glance, it’s a win-win situation: Longboarders willing to pay the fines, and me, who is taking every opportunity to photograph or videotape the offenders, and sending the evidence to the police, will ensure longboarders  in violation are fined.

Flagrant disregard of the law, however, has never been acceptable; fines are enforced to discourage and eliminate this behaviour.

What you are doing is dangerous—and not just to yourself. Your “fun” cannot impose on others. It’s something you’re going to have to become accustomed to if, or when, you grow up.

Come together and ask the community to build another skatepark that suits your needs better. Why not? I’d support that.

It was pretty freaky driving in my own neighbourhood with my oldest child who had just gotten her “L” with you recklessly flying around. It’s not fair to expect everyone to worry about hitting you.

It also doesn’t seem to occur to you that you are not the only one affected if (God forbid) an accident occurred resulting in your serious injury or death. The other party, regardless of fault,  (and the law now clearly makes it yours) will still suffer emotional trauma.

Try to abide by the rules society puts out for us. It helps us all get along and keeps us safe.

D. Pascoe


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