MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: Questions spring to mind

Every now and then I have to clear out the cobwebs of the brain with a series of questions that have been building up in my head over the last weeks, months, years, in an attempt to get a fresh start at life.

Yeah, like that’s how life works. When do you actually get a fresh start without all of our accumulated baggage clogging the world of possibilities?

Well, a motivational speaker would say every time the sun rises and the birds start chirping it’s a new beginning, a fresh start, an opportunity to rewrite your life story, a....

Yeah, yeah, unless you didn’t get a good night’s sleep and then.....

Anyway here goes nothing in the stuff rattling in my brain department. Most of them are unanswerable but you’ll soon get the idea:

If a Canadian-based team doesn’t win the Stanley Cup in the foreseeable future is hockey still our national sport?

Or does it just make the Olympic gold medal in men’s and women’s hockey just that much more sweeter?

Would the Russians trade the recent gold in the world hockey championships for Olympic gold in Sochi in a heartbeat, or much, much quicker than that?

Who decided a new recycling program in B.C. was a priority? And why? And did they think it would be welcomed with open arms, while lifting a blue box at the same time, just because they tell us it’s better for us?

And speaking of recycling, I do my best, but sometimes when I’m cleaning out a 475 ml bottle of salad dressing with 122.75 litres of running water just so I can throw it in the blue box instead of the garbage, I start to wonder if the math adds up in Mother Nature’s favour or not?

Plus now that the blue box is situated in our kitchen, instead of in the closet where the blue bag was but the blue box doesn’t fit, why do I feel like it’s an intrusion into my living space causing even more resentment? Not to mention an open commentary on our eating and living habits all week? It might have to go outside eventually, eh?

I know some of the resentment against the blue box system is an aversion to change, especially when we’re unsure of the benefits and it makes things more difficult, not to mention I’m getting  older and more stuck in my ways than I like to admit, so maybe I should give it a little time, eh?

Perhaps it’s advisable to keep in mind the roundabout saga here in Vernon as when they were first proposed by former Mayor Sean Harvey (who is famous for something else too) there was much hue and cry about what a bad idea it was and such, yet today few would want to go back to four-way stops, am I right?

And speaking of driving and the environment, what mathematical equation do oil companies use when there’s no market-based reason to raise gas prices before the May long weekend? Oh, right, they’re trying to motivate us to drive less and save the Earth? Gee, thanks guys, I think?

Do you think if we put the BCTF negotiators and the government negotiators in a room and said they couldn’t come out until they had an agreement, we’d get a deal sooner than later? Or do you think it would break down when the two sides couldn’t agree on the lunch menu?

Even though Liberal leader Justin Trudeau keeps getting in trouble for saying inappropriate things, can anyone remember anything Prime Minister Stephen Harper has ever said? And which is worse?

Who do I cheer for now that the Canadiens are out of the NHL playoffs, and if it’s the New York Rangers how will I feel when former Canucks coach Alain Vigneault gets a Stanley Cup ring and Vancouver is likely still years away from winning the holy grail?

Gee, I don’t know if this a healthy exercise after all – I’m suddenly starting to feel worse about life?


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