LETTER: Nothing bad about a ‘theatrical’ show


Re: Historymaker ‘A Show of Faith” article by Paul J. Henderson in the May 18 Chilliwack Times.

To my knowledge, everything I have ever read under Paul’s byline has been negative and I’m sure he can do better, otherwise he is a very sorrowful person. His article about Historymaker takes the cake.

I had somehow expected to see him walk in, to see for himself, instead of going by someone else’s negative remarks. If he was there, he did not come in through “my” door. A pity. I was at both Historymakers, 2013 and 2014 in Chilliwack.

I agree with the first column of his article and the first three lines of the second. So there are theatrical stage presentations—are Christians not allowed to enjoy such?  Whether the guests are highly paid or not, I don’t know, that’s not my department: I am only a volunteer, but does he also whine about the “Rolling Stones” or any other band getting well paid for a presentation?

That Sam Fenn became an atheist was not caused by Historymakers. That was his own misguided choice.

Paul takes Sam Fenn’s sayings as the gospel truth. Why doesn’t he take the Gospel as the gospel truth?  If he does not believe in God—let him look around: His proof is all over the place. Our beautiful mountains are not man-made, nor did they come about by chance.

What does Sam Fenn see wrong with “an array of high-profile Pentecostal preachers?” Sam calls them ‘high profile’; they don’t call themselves that. I met them and they were all pleasant and very approachable to me, a simple doorman (sorry: doorwoman).

But if you were to put up a conference of any kind, even if it is fly fishing, and you have people pay to come to it, and you have kids coming from all over B.C., Yukon and other places, would you not get the best speakers you can get, plus good intermittent entertainers? Of course, every well-organized event goes by the clock; that’s only good management. Don’t crack it down because it was done by Christians. What does Paul have against Christians?

Doing what I was doing, I did not have any or very little close contacts with our young attendees, but I understand that there were no problems, they were well behaved.

Hanny Kensington


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