LETTER: No to pipelines, and no to tankers


Having read both columns by David Black and understood his reasoning, I can see that his suggested solution is the best option I’ve heard of, short of cancelling the whole idea of pipelines and tankers altogether. I can’t see that happening in today’s business climate, with both federal and provincial governments pushing for acceptance of the idea.

However, when I read the editorial by Greg Stringham, from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, I immediately recalled the suggestion by Kinder Morgan that a pipeline spill would actually be good for business, because it would give clean up crews a chance to make some money which would benefit the economy of the area. That’s like suggesting that you burn your house down so that the firemen have work to do and that would contribute to the economy in wages, supplies, etc. It is illogical, at the very least. It also is an example of the arrogance of the oil companies and their spinoffs, like pipelines, tankers, etc.

Mr. Stringham can spout all the scientific jargon he likes, diluted bitumen is a dangerous substance and should not be anywhere near our coastlines. A spill of this stuff, whether inland from a pipeline, or even worse, a tanker accident is a major threat to health and to the environment. No matter how you slice it, if an accident can happen, it will. So far big oil and big government have not convinced me, or I dare say, the majority of Canadians that they are telling the truth about these things. No, no pipelines. No, no tankers.

Folks, are we going to let the corporations run our lives for us? Are we going to keep listening to people like Mr. Stringham? He may be as sincere as he can be, but look who he speaks for—the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. Does that sound like and organization that does not answer to the corporations?

God help us, if the corporations are making the decisions for Canadians. We are doomed as a nation, if that happens. Democracy is “out the window.”

Jerry Riches


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