LETTER: Make vaccinations mandatory

Dear Editor,

The current measles outbreak in the Valley has been traced to a religious school in Chilliwack which shouldn`t come as a surprise to anyone. The idiotic statement by Rev. Geuze, of the Reformed Congregation of North America, also doesn`t surprise me when he said that there is no need to make a healthy `god-given` body a little bit sick through vaccination. I suppose he would also have seen no need to have smallpox and polio eradicated through vaccinations either as that was interfering - thankfully - with god`s care.

How in Hades do you try to talk sense to anyone who tries to use such a primitive approach to the modern world and science in general? Short answer, you can`t as it`s a waste of time because you are dealing with someone incapable of thinking outside the bubble of a belief system founded in superstition and the supernatural.

The fundamentalist Rev. has fellow travelers out in the real world; otherwise intelligent people who should know better but don`t. I`m talking about the illogical anti-vaccine campaigners who abandoned reason and modern science to the point where they are no better than the Rev. when it comes to protecting their children with no more than a hope and a prayer.

So here`s the bottom line with me:  no vaccinations, no school. No one has the right to put either their own children or those of others in harm`s way due to biblical era ignorance or misguided anti-science thinking of conspiracy addicts.

Robert T. Rock


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