HAVE YOUR SAY: Get out of debt— stay out of debt

Please enlighten me as to why seniors are complaining about their fixed incomes? As a senior myself, I am delighted with the fixed income I receive from our government (CPP & OAP). It's ample to provide food, utilities and gas for me and my wife. Will it pay rent or a mortgage, no, but whose fault is that? We don’t even get the full amount most do, as we didn’t receive the income they did. By the way, no complaints. I believe there are millions if not billions in our world today who would love to be on a senior’s fixed income and medical such as what we have here in Canada. No, we have not worked for the government in the civil service or in any union with all the benefits and a pension plan throughout our working years. What we did do is we lived within our means, which means no money = no buying or borrowing, nice and simple. Why are seniors today still paying rent or mortgages? Have you listened too often to those ads that state “don’t let the equity in your homes tie you down?” We’ve come through the best years money-wise this country has ever seen or probably will ever see again! Just put yourself in the position of our young people today as they are looking at $300,000 plus mortgages! We were encouraged back in the 1960s and forward to put a little aside for retirement, but it looks like you took the borrowing lifestyle and holidays instead. And now you want the rest of us who planned ahead to “fix” your decisions! I do recognize there are exceptions and I’m all in for helping those who are truly in need but sorry, I’m not in for helping those complaining about their fixed income not keeping up with inflation and their lifestyle. To you young people out there, get out of debt ASAP and then stay out. Life will then be much more content and enjoyable.

The sport of curling deserves support in the Comox Valley. An Olympic sport with the first ice in the Valley. I'm voting NO to the $1.9-million project, because democracy is much more important than a curling rink. CVRD directors are offering public input through the Alternate Voting Process. Not voting means approval. It’s the way of the future — to leave the apathetic public out of the approval process. I'm not giving up my right to vote. I'm filling out the paperwork and delivering it to the CVRD office.

The Ryan Road Saga: I am surprised at the number of articles regarding the use of the two lanes going up Ryan Road. The sign at the bottom of the hill stating “Keep right except to pass” is and has been outdated the past 10 years. It was put there before NIC, Lerwick connector, Home Depot, Thrifty Shopping Centre, Crown Isle, Costco,  the auto dealers and the soon-to-be-hospital that are now there with more to come. The City of Courtenay just hasn’t had the time and manpower to remove it yet! Also, there is another sign that most people forget (including myself) and it’s also against the law, “Maximum Speed Limit 60 km”.  I personally have driven up and down the Ryan hill daily the past 20 years and have yet to encounter a driver driving less than 60 km per hour in the left lane, so what’s the fuss all about?  Perhaps when the City of Courtenay removes the sign at the bottom of the hill, then it wouldn't give the idiot drivers the right they think they have.

My sincere apologies to the driver of the pickup truck travelling from Anderton to Pritchard on Guthrie Road on a Friday around 6:30 p.m. When you changed lanes and slowed down after crossing Anderton, I thought you were turning left into the shopping centre so I stayed in the right lane — planning to change lanes after you'd made your turn. When I realized you were not turning left, I made a split-second decision to accelerate and pass you instead of hitting the brakes in front of the car behind me. I assure you that I did not intend to drive aggressively and was not trying to cut you off. We were both reacting to the unexpected appearance of a jaywalker, who is not going to live much longer if he/she continues to meander across busy roads in the dark! The configuration of this intersection is a chronic problem because it requires through traffic travelling both directions on Guthrie to immediately change lanes after crossing Anderton. I can't imagine why the Town of Comox spent thousands of taxpayer dollars to rebuild this intersection with such a serious design flaw!

The CVRD have been leaders in reducing landfilling in Cumberland, encouraging recycling, encouraging responsible dumping with a minimal $4  fee. Keeping 5,000 tons per year of wood waste and gyprock out of the landfill — the equivalent of 10,000 additional resident's solid waste. We ask them to stay on track, and continue the good work that has been going on for years. We are the converted. We recycle, compost — we got the message. How can it possibly cost more to process less garbage when we are all doing the right thing? Do the right thing, CVRD administrators — be more efficient and look at other options. Challenge MLA Don McRae and his government to pay for costly upgrades, but don't penalize your responsible customers! (Editor's note: Big changes are brewing for recycling in B.C. See story in the March 13 Comox Valley Record or look under the News Section of this website.)

Good to see BC Hydro carrying out maintenance with low lake levels. The Comox Valley Water Board needs to take note of who the Comox Lake "water hog" really is. BC Hydro uses as much lake water in one day as all 40,000  Comox Valley water customers use in three months! Why is the CVRD leaning on Comox Lake water customers with high bulk water cost and surcharges?

A huge thank you goes out to all the filmmakers who submitted films to the fourth annual Cumberland Mountain Film Festival and to the enthusiastic volunteers who donated their time and energy to this year’s event. Over 40 raffle prizes were donated from generous local business' including: Cumberland Crate Company, Atlas Café, Valhalla Pure, Seeds Market, Darkside Chocolates, Dodge City Cycles, Riders Pizza, ELM, Blue Toque Sports Swap, Trail Bicycles, The Broken Spoke, Riders Pizza, Tarbell’s Deli, Sew What I Sew, Be, Avenue Bistro, Simon’s Cycles, Mar’s on Main, Gourmet Girls, Island Mountain Rides, Wee Dee Apparel, Alley Cuts, Virgin Hair, Rusty Rooster, the Guerilla Food Company.

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