MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: Springing ahead

You might want to reach for that second cup  of coffee this morning, after all you did lose an hour of sleep last night.

It’s actually kind of an amusing phrase, losing an hour of sleep.

Actually it sounds more like a nightmare......a man goes to sleep at the usual time in the usual way and closes his eyes for the usual amount of time, yet somehow, somewhere and sometime, he loses an hour of sleep....cue the Alfred Hitchcock music and we’re off to the movies.

I always remember the comedian Stephen Wright, he of the dry, monotone delivery style, waxing on about that eternal question one gets greeted with every a.m. – “Did you sleep well?”

His answer: “No, I made a couple mistakes.”

As if every night is like a high school exam where you will be graded on how well you did.

Then again, it’s not like it isn’t important. Some people would do virtually anything for a mistake-free sleep, even for a few hours.

It’s not easy to turn off the mind to get to sleep in the first place and if you happen to wake up and then can’t get back to sleep in the middle of the night – well let’s just say that’s when the mind can really get carried away with itself. Talk about mistakes.

Well, anyway, it would also be a mistake if you forgot to put your clocks ahead one hour this morning, of course some clocks do it automatically for you now and sometimes it’s fun trying to figure out if your radio alarm device is one of those or not. Well, fun might not be the right word.

Of course there’s likely less clocks in your life to worry about these days. Hardly anyone has a wrist watch anymore, although I’d like to see them come back, if only as style pieces, and if you happen to forget your phone they can come in handy. And sometimes it’s not convenient to check the time on your phone, like when you’re actually using it.

However, the cell phone does change to daylight time automatically, at least I’m pretty sure it does. If mine does, which is ancient, everyone’s does.

I’m not sure how it does it but there’s likely some satellite somewhere strictly dedicated to ensuring that happens, which means it works two days out of the year. Although it could be the same satellite that ensures your phone clock switches to Mountain time when you cross into Alberta, and if it is then I apologize, it’s on the job a lot.

Still, there’s the clock on the  microwave, the one on the stove, the one on the wall in the kitchen (which you probably don’t need anymore but it looks good and if there is ever a power outage and your phone dies and.....it will come in handy, plus there’s something about looking up to see what time it is that seems right and then there’s still a few of us who look at the hands of time and like to proclaim it’s “20 after already?”)....

Actually it’s kind of funny how we view time in our everyday life. I keep the clock in the bedroom at about seven minutes fast which kind of drives my wife crazy but it helps me get to places on time.

You see I know it’s fast, most of the time when I’m alert that is, but I sometimes forget and it gets me moving faster in the morning when I think I’m late or I can actually get somewhere on time in the evening if I have a “seven-minute head start,” if you will.

It’s a bit silly and self-delusional I realize but it helps my tardiness problem occasionally and if it helps to think the upstairs of my house is somehow seven minutes ahead of the main floor then that’s OK in my book. Hey, cue the Hitchcock music once again.

I just have to remember that ‘fact’ when I go and reset everything today or I will be in real trouble. Anyway hope you had a mistake-free sleep and if the time change is happening today can spring really be that far away?


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