Focus spending on housing not streets

I’ve been following the stories and letters in the paper concerning this Gateway project of Mayor Bogs’ and council and decided to put in my 2 cents worth too.

I am too frustrated with this city’s waste of money on hideous eyesores like those sign posts downtown when affordable housing is needed more, much more.

I just spent another frustrating day standing in heavy falling snow to see an apartment, number 29 on my growing list, to find once again the rent was out of my reach.

Same excuses – higher taxes, insurance and renovations costs, which no doubt one needed in a lot of places but still another excuse to raise the rents.

I’ve been trying for over two years now to find affordable housing in every avenue possible. I’m not only low income but a senior with some disabilities too so it makes it tougher yet to find a suitable place.

I have to move as my apartment needs to be renovated and I’ve been finding lists of people applying ahead of me for most places, families and singles.

It’s gotten tougher and tougher for people to find affordable housing in our city of Trail, rents just keep going up higher and higher like everything else. It’s bad enough that our own provincial government does nothing to help make it any easier to afford housing but truly sad that our own municipal government doesn’t care either, which is obvious in the eagerness to dump buckets of money on this garbage we can do without, aka Gateway project, instead of putting it where we need it most.

They only talk about the need for affordable housing but do nothing about it.

We are fighting day to day to keep our heads above water, food on our tables and a decent roof over our heads but we can’t do it without the help from our city so I urge you, Mayor Bogs and council, quit wasting our tax dollars on this garbage and start doing something about affordable housing now, not years from now.

Cindy Demeulenaere

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