HAVE YOUR SAY: Say, weren't you breaking rule of the road first?

A comment in regards to the person complaining about being passed on the right on Ryan Road on Feb. 23. I have no involvement in this incident, but during your rant did you happen to notice that you admit to breaking the law yourself? Did you not see the large sign at the bottom of the hill that has been there for at least 20 years telling you "Keep right except to pass?" Not that it was right for someone to turn in front of you that close if that indeed happened, but you should make sure you aren't  breaking the law yourself before issuing a long public rant about another. Your actions contributed to the incident so you are partly at fault. If you are so concerned about your children in the back seat then obey the laws yourself. You are not alone, however, there are plenty of morons who block the passing lane on Ryan because they are either too lazy to change lanes later, or are so afraid they won't be able to change into it later that they never leave it, and blatantly disregarding the law invokes anger in others that sometimes results in incidents like yours. Even if you are at the speed limit, you must move to the right and change lanes later when it is safe to do so, and not block vehicles attempting to legally pass.

When a roadway is two lanes, the left lane is for passing All others should be in the right lane. I find this a particular problem on Ryan Road hill with people turning left at NIC, Veterans Parkway, and those turning into Costco. Going up Ryan Road, driving in the left lane. The correct procedure is to remain in the right lane, until you approach your left turn. Then change lanes, and merge when safe to do so. Coming up Ryan Hill, there is approximately, one kilometre before your turnoff at any of these intersections. So there is no reason to be in the left lane, and impede traffic. The actions of an aggressive driver, are reprehensible, selfish, and dangerous. It is good that you are driving for the road conditions. But you need to be driving defensively, and look out for the idiots, may they be right, or wrong! Please drive safe every one needs to get were there going. With consideration for those also on the road!

Shame on the other Comox Valley newspaper for publishing a homophobic rant in their Beefs & Bouquets column, and right on the heels of Anti-Bullying Day. They claim that the column is meant to be “light-hearted” and “not intended to hurt people.” Why allow someone to vilify an entire group of people by calling the pride flag an abomination? If comments like that were made about any visible minority, they’d never see print. At least, I’d like to think so. The editor of that paper should stand behind her own words and stop enabling hate speech. The newspaper owes a lot of people an apology. So does the person who wrote the original comment. The “majority” in which this person claims membership is not silent, nor does it support those views, at least not in Canada. Using religion as a shield for discriminatory remarks is scripture-abuse.

Brilliant! The ALR town hall was brilliant. People from all sides of the political spectrum coming together to get information about the impending crisis in B.C.'s world-class ALR system. We all need to eat. With the recent droughts in California, I think it would be a good idea to hug a farmer!

A big beef to VIHA (formerly Vancouver Island Health Authority, now Island Health) regarding its attitude about e-cigarettes at the hospital. I have read your 'manifesto' about e-cigarettes. My 85-year-old mother was told (on two different floors) that she could use her e-cigarette to help her through not smoking. I was appalled to learn that VIHA would rather slap a nicotine patch on her than let her use a harmless crutch that has no nicotine in it! Your biggest opposition to them seems to be that they 'look too much like a real cigarette!?' Give your head a shake, people — so much for 'compassionate care.' It seems to me that VIHA is nothing but a bureaucracy trying to justify their existence. Your actions cause unnecessary hardship for an 85-year-old woman who has smoked most of her life. She was happy to use her e-cigarette and never once complained about not smoking. She does not understand your rationalizations, and neither do I.

I recently bought a bag of oatmeal — just oatmeal — loose in a plastic bag, with a twist tie to keep it closed. This is food. I also bought a bag of bathroom tissue — four rolls in a sealed plastic bag, stacked on another similarly sealed plastic bag -- all wrapped in a larger sealed plastic bag, which was then wrapped and sealed in another plastic covering. That’s three layers of plastic. To wrap bathroom tissue. When the oatmeal had a twist tie. What’s wrong with this picture?

Congratulations to all the cast and crew from the production of Struttin' at the Speakeasy. A wonderful show, the dresses were fabulous, the men dressed to kill and the stage props so authentic. The pianist and musicians were so good, too. So professional, hard to believe everyone is local. I was at the Sunday brunch and enjoyed the food, the serving was so well-organized. Thanks to you all.

I am disturbed by the politics behind naming St. Joseph's business of the year! I do not think any hospital should be thought of as a business — it's a dangerous road to travel. Yes, St. Joe's did work hard to regain their accreditation — and good for you — but that was what you had to do. Remember, you lost it to begin with! Thinking of a hospital as a business scares me. It does not reassure me that it will be run as it should be.

This November, we might elect local politicians who will serve an extra year. This would mean four years without ratepayer input into ever-increasing taxes and fees. Voters need to be informed —attend meetings on budgets and see who is representing your interests. Read the local paper and see who is supporting continuing increases in the cost of living in the Comox Valley. Be informed and vote in November. We need a new team.

Here is a huge bouquet to the kindness of strangers. I dropped my wallet by a rental van in the parking lot of Driftwood Mall on Saturday, realizing my loss about an hour later. Thanks to a kind stranger who found it and tucked it under my windshield wiper, a group of Special Olympics athletes were able to carry on to their competition in Victoria. All of them came home covered in glory with ribbons and smiles. Thank you!

Belated but grateful thanks to the following individuals and businesses who helped to make the fundraiser for Trevor Ashwell such a huge success: Jan and Martin Swan, Dale Erhart, Karin Holland, Flying Debris, Paula Purcell, Kelly and Katie Collinge, Wendy Langdale, Gordon Sherriff, Jenny and Collin Hansen, Gwen Monnet, Lisa Hebden, Andrew Talbot, Laurel Erhart, Sue and Ralph Rambo, Sandra Turnham, Margo Styan, Alison MacKinnon, Aileen Hoffart, Bob Bellmore, Jeff Brett, Norm Paulson, Joanie Chestnut, Marianne Enhörning, Lucy Shappy, H. Utsal, Cheryl Taylor, Murray Kennedy; World Community, The Wine Cottage, Onethirtythree, Crawford Studio, Perch, South Hollow Gallery, Obey Athletics, Bonnie and Clyde, Home and Patio, Robert A. Couture, Fiction, Xpressions, Maida’s Fashion on Fifth, Starbucks at Safeway, Sublime, Marigold Pharmacy, Level 10 Spa The Best Western Plus, Martine’s, Delicados, Union Street Grill, The Avenue, Toscano’s, The Atlas, White Spot, Locals, Chads, Westview Ford, Uptown Yarns, K9 Kind Dog Training, Cherry Wine, Great Canadian Oil Change, Lordco, Fabricland, Coastline Cedar Products, Roots Hair Salon, Corks and Caps Fermentalia, My Tech Guys, U-B Diving, Midland Tools, Extreme Runners, Tea Centre,  Shamrock Veterinary, Hot Chocolates, Benjamin Moore, Safe and Sound Installation, Living Room Pharmacy, Doug the Plumber.

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