LETTER: SFPR creates havoc for Ladner commuters

I want to let you know how the SFPR has negatively impacted the daily commute of the residents of Ladner to the George Massey Tunnel.  I also want to know what the will be done about it.

Traffic heading toward the George Massey Tunnel via the old Highway 17 (now Highway 17A) was already bad as commuters from Highway 99 and 17A bottlenecked to get through the tunnel. And they have decided to cut the cloverleaf down to one lane?

The consequences of this appallingly poor design are an added minimum of 20 minutes to our commute, which was already taxing and stressful as it was.

I cannot afford the time nor the fuel to be sitting in traffic for close to an hour every morning to go and earn a living. The added stress also impacts our health as tempers rise and we grow even more pressured for our precious time.

We’re not left with any viable options, either. Backtracking toward Tsawwassen to get on to the SFPR/Hwy 17 adds time. That route backs up as well merging on to the 99 as people from 17A try desperately to cut in to get over to the farthest left lane to avoid the right lane merging on to the Steveston highway.

Oh, and to avoid all of the freight and dump trucks clogging up the lanes, too!

Transit adds time to my commute and also has me making several transfers and walking, which in Vancouver means often walking in poor weather.

I would love to take transit, but the shameful truth is that it is far too inconvenient as it currently stands.

Waiting for the new bridge? Oh, that’s only a mere 10 years a way!

The only other options are to move closer to work or work closer to home- which has always been the obvious ideal, however not currently possible. Jobs in my field are limited in Delta, and I would have to take a pay cut or have an even higher cost of living if moving into the city.

I feel like I don’t have to tell you any of this.

Either the engineers on this project are disgustingly incompetent or the province must have known what the consequences of this route would be for the people of Ladner, which affirms for me who this route was really designed to benefit: Port Metro Vancouver.

This whole process has been a slap in the face to the constituents of Ladner. We have had our community cut up, we’ve lost precious agricultural land, and have had invaluable natural habitat for struggling wildlife destroyed.

Our quaint little community will soon be an industrial wasteland. The South Fraser Perimeter Road is a highway paved to hell.

What do they plan to do about this? Let me guess.... nothing?


Rebecca Jones


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