Prime minister Harper is a man of the people

After I read your editorial on our Prime Minister in the Jan. 10 edition, I was left sort of shaking my head. What exactly were you trying to say?

On the one hand you didn’t expect the prime minister to be chatting with the protestors. Yet you say he is not in touch with Canadians.

You know what had happened the day before at the Vancouver Board of Trade. Two protestors had made it right up on stage and were standing right behind me.

What if they had had a gun or a knife and did harm to the democratically elected head of our country? How would you feel about that?

So security was extremely tight for this private gathering of Conservative supporters. By the way it was never billed as a public meeting.

The RCMP were correct to bring the PM in by an alternate route. The anecdotal evidence of people coming in the gates to attend the event tell stories of protestors using foul language as they shouted at these people, that many walked in front of cars taunting them to run over them.

At least one protestor jumped on the hood of a car and dented it. Another opened up a lady’s passenger door and tried to get in the vehicle all the while berating her. One father told of how traumatized his seven-year-old daughter was by all the protesters that she burst into tears. All she wanted to do was meet her prime minister.

You see, the RCMP could not allow the PM to come through such a so-called peaceful demonstration. The security risk was too high!

The problem is local environmental activists like Peter Nix who urged people to come and protest cannot police their movement and it attracts anybody angry about anything. And these people could very well be capable of violence.

Behind the scenes, the PM of our country is meeting with people of all stripes all the time, not just supporters. But that is never reported or acknowledged by his detractors.

Remember that it was this prime minister who sat down with our First Nations peoples and offered them a public apology for the horrors of the residential schools and initiated the Truth and Reconciliation process.

It is this prime minister and his government which has approved and funded a very successful initiative to help the homeless in our major cities.

And I could go on! Because  you see, it isn’t all about the economy with this government, as you incorrectly stated.

The prime minister is a man of the people. He cares deeply about this country wanting as he said to make it the safest and most prosperous country in the world.

But he is the prime minister and deserves our protection in an unfortunately increasingly violent world!

Chemainus resident Reed Elley is a former Member of Parliament for Nanaimo-Cowichan

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