HAVE YOUR SAY Secret Santa Claus made Christmas special

To my dear secret Santa Claus, I can't begin to tell you how blown away and grateful I am to have received your overly generous gift this year! I wish you endless happiness and joy! At first, I didn't open your gift fully, just peeked in at the red wrapping, because there was so much going on at the time, but when I finally did open it, read your letter and realized the enormity of the gift you had given me, you really could have knocked me down with a feather! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! This gift has arrived at such an emotional time of my life, I hardly know where to begin. It's overwhelming; the generosity that people are actually capable of. I am not accustomed to accepting this sort of generosity for myself ... and I am extremely overwhelmed by it ... words really do fail me. I don't know how to thank you, secret Santa Claus other than to say thank you, thank you, thank you! It feels so measly to say just that. It so underexpresses how genuinely grateful I really feel. Whoever you are, my dear secret Santa Claus, I sincerely appreciate your generosity and spirit of giving very much. I truly have felt the spirit of Christmas this year. You can rest assured that I will pay this forward the first chance it get.




I just wanted to drop you a line regarding a column just before Xmas about burying the hatchet when this time of year should be to forgive and move on. I had not talked to my older brother (my only sibling) in Toronto for a couple of years, so on Christmas Day I made the call. He spoke as if nothing had changed so because of you I am very happy to have reopened our relationship. Also, I want to thank you for publishing my notice of our high school dance. We were sold out again and I feel it has been beneficial for the kids in the Valley. Thanks again and we hope you and your family have a great year in 2014.




To all my Record home and business customers on Mansfield, Cliffe, 31st, 21st, 26th, Piercy, Stewart and Fitzgerald, a very heartfelt thank you for your tokens of appreciation, gifts, cards and home baking (yummie!) this Christmas season. It is all greatly appreciated. I am so grateful to have such wonderful people as my customers, you make delivering the paper a fun adventure each week. I am looking forward to another year of delivering your papers. I wish all of you only the best in 2014. I would also like to thank the circulation manager Terry for all he does to keep all the carriers organized with our papers. You rock, Terry!




The Cameron family would like to give a huge thank you to everyone on Stadacona Drive and surrounding paper delivery area. You were all so very kind and generous with all your Christmas cards and gifts. We would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best to you and your family in 2014.




A message to all those who wear perfumes and colognes while in public. Nobody wanted you around when you wore dangerous toxic cancer causing perfumes and colognes at low doses, so why would you think that people want you around while you wore dangerous, toxic, cancer-causing perfumes and colognes at high doses? Do everyone a favour. Stay home and keep your toxic scents to yourself. Stop making people sick.




Starting 2014 with a drought is something Comox Valley residents did not expect. BC Hydro has a tough balancing act as the major customer and custodian of Comox Lake. Interesting that there is no CVRD Stage Three water restriction with the lowest inflow in 50 years. In fact, even if CVRD water supply for 40,000 residents was shut off in this "emergency," the lake level would keep dropping to produce power and protect fish. The domestic water supply consumes less than one per cent of the water — insignificant in impact on the Comox Lake Reservoir levels. BC Hydro has a huge responsibility in predicting inflows and controlling our water supply as well as flood prevention. They are taking action by reducing water use for power generation — we should be thankful for this. We have no control over the climate, but BC Hydro and DFO control our water reservoir — not the CVRD water customers. In 2014, it would refreshing if the CVRD and Comox Valley Water Board were open and transparent about the need for water conservation and punitive water costs. Conservation efforts are insignificant in impacting our reservoir. It's all in the hands of BC Hydro, DFO and the Rainman.




A big thank you to the following sponsors of the 31st annual Earl Naswell Christmas Dinner. This would not be possible without your support: Florence Filberg Centre, Westerly Hotel, Courtenay Legion, Comox Legion, Comox Valley Charitable Gaming Society, Home Depot, Costco, Canadian Tire, John's Your Independent Grocer, Super Store, Walmart, Target, Future Shop, Tim Hortons, Quality Foods, Thrifty Foods, Safeway, Butcher Block, Billy D's, Plates Restaurant, Dollarama, Planet Clean, Saputo, Central Builders, Comox Valley Nissan, Courtenay Mazda, Westview Ford, Comox Valley Dodge, Brian McLean, Island Honda, Sunwest VW, Comox Valley RV, Royal Bank, Art Knapp, Russ Nelson, Heavenly Goodies, Devonshire Farms, Tanis Booth, Mike Paroshy, and apologies if we have forgotten anyone. While each volunteer is greatly appreciated, a few must be mentioned for their big efforts this year: Ken McLeod (Santa), Dale and Judy, Victoria, Jin Lin, Anna, Troy, Steve, Dave, Lori, Robert, Angela, Jackie, and those others that went out of their way to pick up guests that required rides.




Dear George Stroumboulopoulos: Happy New Year and no more need to hear Christmas music in the stores, right? Now we can continue to hear at least 20 commercials a day by CBC TV re the Olympics. I'm pretty tired of hearing all those commercials. Aren't you too, George? I'll probably watch some of the Olympic Games, like the skiing and skating but bobsledding (?) — is there any skill in that? Certainly takes nerve, though. I've heard  at least six months of these commercials. Let's have only 10 a day now, please. Once again, Happy New Year, happy secular society, happy materialism, and let's hope the Christmas Spirit carries on through  2014 with love, peace, forgiveness and compassion — as preached/talked a lot about by our Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless you all — you, too, George Stroumboulopoulos.




Three big local heartfelt bouquets to Dan of Roofing by Dan, for demonstrating excellent customer service, coming out on a Sunday to fix a leak on our roof that he installed 10 years ago for us. A big bouquet to Richard Ramsden of Water Pure and Simple for being a wonderful employer and also for Bob, who demonstrated the same kind of generosity and integrity when he was a teacher at Discovery College. These people have demonstrated that what they do is passion-driven and not all about the almighty dollar. It makes the Comox Valley a better place to live!




I would just like to say thank you to a few local businesses that helped make our daughter's wedding very special. First to Tee Box catering ... they are amazing. Adrien, Michaela and all the staff did an excellent job. Adil, our DJ, you were a treat, Bottoms Up Bartending were superb, Krylea Creations made the hall sparkle! Four Frames Photo Booth, you two rock. Thank you to everyone. We live in a great community with wonderful local businesses.




A new year’s message to all — how about not wearing cancer-causing toxic perfumes while in public? It would benefit everyone, including yourself.

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