EDITORIAL: No ‘right’ sides in this Israel-Hamas mess

“Hamas has been trying to maintain calm in Gaza and extend a ceasefire agreement with Israel, but it has little control over various radical jihadi groups who build popular support by making utterly futile rocket attacks on Israel.

“Even if they kill a few Israelis, so what? How does that serve the cause?

“So then Hamas fired a few of its own rockets into Israel, and Israel retaliated massively, and we were off to the races once again.

“A complete cock-up and a pointless waste of lives.”

Those are the words of KTW’s global-affairs columnist Gwynne Dyer, whose column on the carnage in the Middle East can be found online at kamloopsthisweek.com.

Dyer is correct — the entire scenario involves a pointless waste of lives as, even when a ceasefire is again reached, the situation between Israelis and Palestinians will not change.

The West Bank and Gaza will remain, as will Israel, and it will be only a matter of time until the next skirmish takes more innocent lives.

What is interesting is the content of emails sent to KTW since the rockets started flying.

Some (but not many) have been  100 per cent critical of Hamas’s actions; others have been 100 per cent critical of Israel’s reaction.

The problem with the authors of these emails is that this entire mess is the fault of both sides.

One can point to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians over land and occupied territories.

One can also point to the decision by those in Gaza to launch rockets into Israel, knowing full well a retaliatory strike would result — and knowing full well the innocent people of Hamas have nowhere to run to for safety.

Laying all the blame at the feet of Israel or Hamas is like engaging in a political chicken-and-egg argument — one can continue to go back until the beginning of time to unearth the party that started the latest mini-war.

The fact is, neither deserves unreserved support when innocents from both sides die for no sensible reason whatsoever.


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