Christmas story contest winners announced

Ella Elliot (r), first place winner in the Kindergarten to Grade 3 category, and second place winner Henri Razeau hold their prizes. Missing from the photo is Kiah Phillips, winner of the third prize.  - Keith McNeill
Ella Elliot (r), first place winner in the Kindergarten to Grade 3 category, and second place winner Henri Razeau hold their prizes. Missing from the photo is Kiah Phillips, winner of the third prize.
— image credit: Keith McNeill

A total of 119 local youngsters entered the Times’ Christmas story contest this year. This is up from 98 last year, 83 entries the year before, and the 102 that entered in 2009.

Winner of the Kindergarten - Grade 3 division was Grade 3 student Ella Elliot. She told the story of a kitten named Ginger (or maybe Cinnamon) that learned about the spirit of Christmas. Her story featured strong description of the kitten in the cold outside.

Second place went to Grade 3 student Henri Razeau. He  wrote about a kitten named Bob and how he learned that the spirit of Christmas is the joy of giving.

Kiah Phillips, who is in Grade 2, took third place in the Kindergarten - Grade 3 division. She told about a lost puppy that was rescued from a dog capturer by a girl. Sequoia is in Grade 2.

Kelsey Meadows-Tedford , a Grade 4 student, took first place in the Grade 4 - 7 division. Her story was different from most of the rest in that, when she described her very most favorite Christmas, she told a real event.

Darius Theron Breckenridge took second spot with his story about how a kitten helped a sick boy, his father and a heartless pound keeper have a merry Christmas. Darius is in Grade 5.

Number three spot in the Grade 4 - 7 division went to Grade 5 student Joshua Foss. His story was about a puppy that was taken by robbers. It got away and was taken in by a family that didn’t believe in Christmas.

The first place winners received $25 for their efforts. Second place is worth $15 while third place will bring in $10.

Division 1: Kindergarten to Grade 3


How the Kitten Found the Spirit of Christmas

One night a kitten got a present. All the other family had more than the kitten. The kitten could hear all the presents tearing apart. So then kitten ran out side in the cold whispering wind. The snow flakes fell on the kittens fur. The kitten felt so freezing in the snow. The kitten was taken somewhere. When the kitten woke up she was in a strange place. Somebody said can we keep it. Somebody else said yes we should mane it um, um, umm, I know Ginger or maybe Cinamon. Then the family went to bed. Later that night the kitten saw big black boots.

A big Jolly man came and said to the kitten,  ‚ÄúI will give you the Spirit of Christmas only if you don’t tell anybody and keep it to yourself.‚Äù The next day the kitten knew what Christmas was all about. She knew you didn’t just get presents. Christmas is about being with your family and friends. So the kitten didn’t worry about presents she worried about being with family and friends. The end.

Ella Elliot

Grade 3



How the Kitten found the Spirit of Christmas

Once upon a time there was a kitten named Bob. He did not know about the spirit of Christmas. Every Christmas he was not happy. So one day he set off to find out why he was not happy. Eventually Bob saw a duck. It asked, “Are you my mom? Can you teach me about Christmas?” asked Bob, the kitten.

“No, I can not,” said the duck. “Ask a reindeer.” So the duck waddled away.

Then Bob saw an owl. He told him why he was not happy. But the owl fly away without telling him about the spirit of Christmas.

On the way home the kitten saw Santa. A present fell from his sleigh. It landed in Bob’s hands. Bob brought it to his house. Bob gave the present to his little brother, a tiny kitten named Fred. Then Bob felt happy for the first time in his life. Bob found out the spirit of Christmas is the joy of giving.

Henri Razeau

Grade 3


Santa Saved Christmas

A kitten on Christmas night was lost in the snow. She was covered in snow. Santa picked up the kitten. He took it to a family. The kitten woke up and the kitten was surrounded by love. The family was very nice to her. She loved her home. The kids loved her too. The kitten grew to adult.

The cat had kittens. She had 4 kittens. They were just like their mother. She was very nice to her babies. The 4 babies loved their mother. The kids loved the kitten. The kids were very nice to the poor little kitten and the cats.

By Kiah Phillips, Grade 2  Raft River


Div 2 winners

Division 2: Grade 4 to Grade 7


My Very Most Favourite Christmas...

My most favourite of Christmas was when we didn’t have it! We were just building our house and I slept in our laundry room.

My mom slept in the boot room, my brother was just a baby.

I hardly had any toys. I can’t quite remember where my dad slept but I was pretty happy. Until Christmas came.

We didn’t have a tree we just had presents from our Aunt and Uncle. Mom and Dad had presents for us to. We didn’t have any for them.

In a year we had a rooms and next Christmas we had a tree! Every year gets better and we still just enjoy it as a family.

By Kelsey Meadows-Tedford, Gr. 4



The Cat of Christmas

Once upon a kitten in a town far away. It was a time of despair. Lots of animals were caged up in the pound and were sad and lonely. The pound keeper had no heart and was always mean and angry witch he didn’t care about the cats or dogs and especially didn’t care about Christmas. Once day a person named John wanted to buy his son Bill a kitten but they were all sold out. But one.

The pound keeper said that one little kitten was dirty and poor and that nobody wanted him. But John said that he did and that he was going to get it for his son. Bill was sick you see and Christmas was coming soon and Bill had asked for a kitten. Bill had no pet.. his dog died last year it was very sad. Soon Christmas was here and Bill was only a tiny sick his friends came to visit him. Bill was very happy.

The next day it was Christmas and the pound keeper was all alone. Bill his new kitten and the rest of his family spent Christmas with the pound keeper and had a merry merry Christmas.

Darius Theron Breckenridge

Grade 5


How the Kitten Found the Spirit of Christmas

‘Twas a dark and stormy Christmas Eve and I, Frostfur was out alone. I am only a kitten about four moons old and thats not a lot. My old family abandoned because they couldn’t take care of me. They tried to give me a new home but no one would accept me. So they decided to let me go. And thats why I am here on Christmas Eve in the cold and stormy weather. I’m starving might as well try to find something to eat. So I trotted through the snow and saw something bright. And I smelt something deletable. I trotted closer to see what it was. My stomach was growling by now and the smell wasn’t helping either. I noticed that the roof provided some shelter from the snow. I crept up along the side of the building so I would be sheltered from the snow Icicles still dripped on my head but it was better than being out in the snow. When I was in front of the building I saw my old owners calling my name Frostfur! Frostfur! Where are you? They were holding a bowl of cat food so that’s what smelled deletable. I ran up to them and jumped in their arms and purred they were delighted to see me and I was too.

The End

Joshua Foss

Grade 5

Raft River Elementary




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