The WAY I SEE IT: Lots to love about Canada

It has been 147 years since Confederation. Here are 147 Canadian assets, favourites, likes.

1. Rocky Mountains

2. Road hockey

3. Maternity and parental leave

4. We say “sorry”

5. We are known for being kind

6. Four seasons

7. Saying “eh”

8. Two official languages

9. The great white north

10. Aboriginal heritage

11. Three oceans surround us

12. We border the U.S.A.

13. Multi-cultural, diverse citizenship

14. Gay rights

15. Vancouver

16. Canadian music scene

17. Benefits for employees

18. Decent wages

19. Country roads

20. Abundance of natural wonders

21. Clean air

22. The hardworking beaver is our national animal

23. Our flag

24. Lumby

25. National parks

26. Camping along a river

27. The Toronto Blue Jays

28. The Great Lakes

29. Our school system

30. Freedom of speech

31. Golf courses in abundance

32. Whistler-Blackcomb

33. Snowshoeing in the backcountry

34. Cottages or cabins on a lake

35. Working from home in pjs

36. Frisbee golf on Salt Spring Island

37. Our beer

38. Farmers’ markets

39. John Lent and other Canadian poets

40. We live in a democracy

41. Women’s rights and freedoms

42. Our health care system

43. Travelling by train

44. Our water

45. Feeling safe

46. We volunteer thousands of hours

47. Home ownership

48. Building standards

49. Hope

50. Country of choice for others

51. Chris Hadfield

52. We donate to charities

53. The Newfoundland accent

54. We are becoming a country of cyclists

55. Wells Gray Park

56. RCMP

57. The Prairies

58. Our ability to grow our own food

59. The Okanagan Valley

60. Rick Mercer

61. That 110 gay couples married in Toronto June 27.

62. Pearl and Leo

63. Funtastic

64. Letters to the editor

65. CBC

66. Canadian radio stations

67. Neighbourhoods

68. Small towns

69. Toronto Island

70. Montreal

71. Canadian passport

72. Canada Day celebrations

73. Winter carnivals

74. Religious freedom

75. Our attitude of acceptance

76. National pride

77. Wayne Gretzky

78. Citizens care about the environment

79. We are a country of workers and tryers

80. Wild animals  — bears, wolves

81. Christmas in Canada

82. Being welcomed back home

83. St. Lawrence River.

84. Armed Services

85. Our love of our pets

86. Diverse heritage

87.  Made in Canada stamp on products

88. Hollywood North

89. Ottawa

90. Skating on a lake or pond

91. Saturday night hockey

92. National anthem

93. Diverse landscape from coast to coast

94. Freedom of choice

95. Canadians take up causes

96. Vancouver Canucks

97. Our abundance of retail opportunities

98. Our birds

99. Warm summer days

100. Vernon vipers

101. Our roads for the most part

102. Ability to walk safely in most areas

103. Music festivals

104. Museums

105. Okanagan Science Centre

106. Sidney Crosby

107. Olympic teams

108. National art galleries

109. Small town art galleries

110. Children’s sports programs

111. Kalamalka Park

112. Kayaking, canoeing

113. Fishing at a mountain lake

114. Hiking

115. Interior Provincial Exhibition

116. Heritage sites

117. Our writers

118. Poutine

119. Canadian wines

120. We are known as a peaceful nation

121 World view of us is positive

122. Skiing and golfing on the same day

123. The Yukon

124. Cycling across Canada

125. The Trans-Canada Highway

126. Winnipeg musicians

127. The Charlottetown Festival

128. The Maritimes

129. Pearl and Leo

130. We are proud to be Canadians as we work around the world

131. We compare ourselves to the richest country in the world, and say we are better

132. Large land mass, large hearts

133. Canada is a playground

134. Being polite is a patriotic duty

135. Self-deprecating humour

136. We are dominating the world in more than hockey — music, basketball, tennis

137. Tim Hortons double double

138. Canadian artists say they are Canadian!

139. Our history is not always glorious, we have made mistakes

140. Driving to Vancouver, ferry to the Island

141. Kal Tire

142. Andrew Wiggins — #1 NBA draft pick

143. Nanaimo bars

144. Diverse arts

145. Buskers anywhere

146. Food trucks — tacos to poutine

147. Patrick Nicol — Mr. Canada — enjoy the new park within Polson Park

Michele Blais is a longtime columnist for The Morning Star, writing about a variety of issues, and appearing every other Sunday. She has worked with families and children in the North Okanagan for the past 27 years.


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