Now Introducing @CrapTaxidermy – Twitter's New Superstar Account

One of many photos on @CrapTaxidermy
One of many photos on @CrapTaxidermy's Twitter account, which has exploded to over 70,800 followers.
— image credit: Twitter: @CrapTaxidermy

Full disclosure: I totally stole the idea for this "column" from BuzzFeed. That means it was probably originally on Reddit, which means it was most definitely somewhere else before that.

It's hard to make a list like this and feel that you're actually doing something worth your time – no matter who you are – but then again, if I can introduce one person to the Twitter account called @CrapTaxidermy, then I'm happy to slap a paragraph or two together to preface several embedded images from the funniest social media startup out there.

Is it fair to call Crap Taxidermy a startup? I don't know.

But the account's followers have exploded since the BuzzFeed story, now to over 70,800 people and following. Here are my favourites:

The Fantastic Mr. Something

One of Rudolph's Stop-Motion Enemies

Pass the Cheetos

An Australian's Worst Nightmare

The Madison Avenue Lion

This Isn't An Actual Animal...

This Isn't An Actual Animal, Either...

Mowgli and Ka?

A Sock Puppet?

What Is It With These Lions?

What Could a Polar Bear Possibly Be Scared Of?

George Brett in Kokomo's

You Already Killed It... This Is Just Cruel Now

A Hairy Child

It Ate a Furnace...

Not Sheepish


Presentation Is Everything...

The Grand Finale

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