Steen: Latest X-Men delves into the characters

X-Men Days of Future Past

OK, the title may seem a little odd, and in fact, it takes a few minutes of watching the show to realize that the present danger requires Logan to go back to 1973.  Once there (in his mind only), he must prevent the events that ultimately led to the desperate struggle that the mutants face today. (Are you with me so far?)

This X-Men has a lot of suspense, drama, surprises, and two hours of action, time travel and shape-shifting.  It reintroduces us to the dynamic cast that we haven’t seen in a while—Hugh Jackman (Logan); James McAvory (Charles); Michael Fassbender (Erik); Jennifer Lawrence (Raven/Mystique); Halle Berry (Storm); Nickolas Hoult (Hank/Beast); Anna Paquin (Rogue); Peter Dinklage (Trask); Ian McKennel (Magneto) and Patrick Steward (Professor).

There is a great sound track in this X-Men and as if that isn’t enough, there is Hugh Jackman’s bare butt. For you guys, there are some lovely ladies too, and while Hugh doesn’t do the ‘full Monty,’ it’s pretty good.

The desperate attempt to change history gives us a riveting and entertaining show.  It also gives us a really good impersonation of Nixon (played by Mark Comacho). He’s a little heavier than Nixon was (yes some of us remember the real one), but the voice is just perfect.

This show also provides a look at the characters’ feelings (it’s not strictly a chick-flick by any means—the action more than compensates for the warm and fuzzy bits), and delves into characterization perhaps more than most of this franchise. While it never gets too heavy, there are moments when we can share the pain, the loss and the loneliness that these unique individuals feel.

I give X-Men Days of Future Past four reels.

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