Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation leads to chemistry

A recent vacation to Cancun forced me to be practical and read eBooks, instead of schlepping along a stack of paperbacks like I used to do.

After all, I can download hundreds of eBooks onto my iPad and it still only weighs one pound. So this time I downloaded Home to Seaview Key by Sherryl Woods and Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult.

Home to Seaview Key is a lovely, light contemporary romance featuring Abby Miller, divorced wife of a minister, and Seth Landry, an ex-soldier whose girlfriend Cara was killed overseas. Both are licking their wounds, and the last thing on their minds is love. But wouldn’t you know it, they find it, right there is Seaview Key.

Abby has just returned to her old home in Seaview Key, hoping to give back to her community by building an eco-friendly development that will bring some much-needed revenue to this beach town. Her first morning there, she goes for a swim, gets pulled into the undertow and is rescued by….guess who? You got it, Seth, the local paramedic. While he’s doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Abby, there’s unmistakable chemistry between the two. But clearly it’s neither the time nor the place to act on that. So they wait a day.

Abby’s return to Seaview Key is coloured by the fact that her oldest and best friend Hannah has married Luke, Abby’s ex-boyfriend from high school. There are definitely no more feelings in Abby’s heart for Luke, but convincing insecure Hannah of that will take time.

Meanwhile Seth is still healing his broken heart and is nowhere near ready to fall in love again. Or so he keeps telling himself. But the heart wants what the heart wants. And that’s Abby. He tries building a fence around his heart by suggesting that he and Abby keep their budding relationship light and uncomplicated. And at first, she agrees. But soon enough the two of them are inseparable and can no longer deny their deep feelings for each other.

This is classic romance fare, except for the fact that it’s squeaky clean. While there is mention of Seth staying overnight at Abby’s, there is no, and I mean NO, graphic sex in this book at all. Which is kind of refreshing. And no swearing either. Also refreshing. All in all, it was a very enjoyable read for the beach, and if you just want a few hours of armchair bliss, then this novel’s for you.

As for Change of Heart, while it’s not a new book, it was new to me. This is the incredibly moving and ethically troubling story of young Claire who needs a heart transplant. The catch is, the only available match is from the man who killed her younger sister and father. Claire’s mom, June, is highly conflicted – does she keep her daughter alive with a killer’s heart or does she deny her sick daughter the only chance to live? This astounding book shouldn’t be missed.

Shelley Civkin is with Richmond Public Library. For other popular reading suggestions check out Richmond Public Library’s web site at www.yourlibrary.ca/goodbooks/.

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